Dreaming about sexual perversions

I’ve had a few dreams involving sexual perversions. am I destined to be a perv? :bored:

No, not necessarily. Dreaming is just a way of coping. I’ve dreamed about beastiality, however, I don’t find animals attractive.

Your dreams do not determine who you are, and just because you dream of sexual perversions, it does not mean you will be a pervert. They are possibly symbolic of something. If you aren’t too shy, would you mind describing these dreams? I could possibly tell you what they mean.

I’ve dreamed about rape, incest, etc. I don’t like it.

hmm i know that kind of dreams. It is very strange to dream about it, but the fact of normal dreams is that you dont have any kind of control over it. So you dont need to be ashamed or be scared for it.

One time i dreamed I accuses of being a sexual predator, it was on a magazine. I get very angry and destroyed the magazine.

I’ve dreamed of just about anything you can imagine, seriously. Including orgies with clones of myself, bestiality, rape, incest, pedophilia, it’s just one of those things. If you feel bad about dreaming about it, then don’t worry.

You should only worry if you dream about it and wake up thinking “Wow, that was hot…”

If you don’t enjoy dreaming about it, then it’s not likely that you’re going to like it in waking life, so quite honestly, I don’t think you have a problem.


Yeah, I’ve dreamed about all them perversions (except the orgies with myself, that’s weird even for me) plus pee.

I don’t think I’ve ever woken up and thought “WOW! THAT WAS HAWT!!!” The thing that gets to me is the fact that all these perv dreams are accompanied with orgasms. :wallhit:

That’s just a physical reaction to a stimulus within the dream. Your brain believes it is real, so your body reacts.

It doesn’t mean you like it. People have experienced orgasm from being raped. It’s just the body’s reaction to a stimulus, and doesn’t mean anything.

also, in one dream, I turned myself into a woman and did lesbian stuff.
So it’s just a random brain fart to be ignored?

Yeah… I’ve dreamed of being a woman a few times… And in one case a shemale.

The weirdest was the orgy with clones of myself though. Since I split into two versions of me, a guy and a girl, and we basically just did anything and everything.

Strange… But just a random brain fart. Sexual dreams can mean something, but it rarely ever means that you want to have sex with the person or thing involved.

I wouldn’t worry. Dreams are the ground for your ego to run rampant. Your insane Freudian animal orgies aren’t representative of you in waking life. Hopefully.


Hopefully. :content:

And by the way, a common reason for dreaming of incest is simple. You see your family most the time, or talk see speak eat etc with them on a regular basis. Also being guys you all think about sex [naturally], so two things in real life that you dream about randomly come together. Simple. And innocent. It just so happens their not a pleasant match. So no worries ^-^

You expect your dreams to be crazy when it comes to many things, why not sex? In dreams, we are not as we are when awake. When awake, we have all these hangups and ideas about morality and such, and fear. But the dreaming brain is more like a brain on some crazy drug. Not very logical, more impulsive. And if you get a crazy idea, you act on it, it does not seem crazy at the time. And calling something a perversion, is just a judgement. It has no biological meaning. No physical existance. But you deep biological urges are very real, and when the brain doesn’t care anymore, it can come out in strange ways. Even in waking life, as one man, had sex with a table and got stuck. What’s to be expected from a crazy dreaming brain?

I too have had these dreams- mostly when they do get strange/sexual its about incest Shudder The first time, I was really worried and I thought about it alot and was kind of freaked but then I realised that just as others here have said dreams are not reality, also they are not (for the most part) under your control (LD’s exenpt) and so its really nothing to worry about

OMG!!! You sick sick sick pervert!!! You need :help:

Just kidding! :peek:

Incest dreams are more common than people would like to admit. And yes, its a pretty gross feeling in the morning when you realise… OMG!!! :help:

I think a good way at looking at those sorts of dreams as an expression of being closer with that person IRL. For instance, I started dreaming about my brother and me in a sexual context. It was quite odd, but IWL we had had very little contact for about 8 years and then all of a sudden I had moved in with him and we were great friends again.

And gay dreams, (if you are not gay… or even if you are) can reflect that there are parts of the person you are having sex with that you might want to integrate more into your personality. Try describing the person you are having sex with them… what is about them that you like? Or dislike?

I think its normal to feel disturbed by these dreams, but by no means, do not pay too much attention to them. A really good book to read on sexual dreams is Sensual Dreaming by Gayle Delaney. The only criticsm I have about it is that its a little bit too one sided and fails to adequetly reflect mens sexual dreams in the same light as she sees womans sexual dreams… her reason is that men do not share them as much… and we talk more about sex in terms of action… where woman describe it in terms of feeling… I found her generalisations about gender differences a little too dated. But still… she has some very interesting and helpful ideas!

Nice topic… glad to see it out in the open finally!