Dreaming about the same place frequently...

OK, I have long had LD’s, but I have a question that I don’t know the answer to. Very frequently, sometimes even once a night (apart from other dreams that night), it takes place at my grandmother’s house, on my mom’s side, and all her relatives are involved. Is that normal?

I think this belongs in “the stuff that dreams are made of,” but I think that is perfectly normal to have recurring dreamscapes, jsut as it is common to have recurring dream characters. My recuring dream scapes are usually my current place of residence, because I spend lots of time there.

My normal dreams usually takes place where I live now, but lucid dreams usually starts from my parents’ house. Maybe you should do a RC the next time you see your grandmother?

stunned I have a similar thing - I usually dream about a place called school, although the dream-school is so, so different from real school, and my last few LDs have all been in my old house or outside it, at nighttime.

My home town is always changed in a certain way in my dreams. There are another level of streets underground. :smile: How is your school different from RL?

It differs - sometimes the old building (that was messed up too, it had a train track running through… wtf?), sometimes we’ve walked out to a field, sometimes it’s normal but the corridors are hugely clogged.

Same here, but the place where I live now is my parents house :wink: I become lucid here in about 80% of my LDs.