Dreaming About Things that Occur During the Day

I’m assuming this is the case for most people, but I often dream about things that I experience during the day. I’ve noticed that they usually aren’t things that I do directly, but if I see something, whether it be on T.V. or something in a book, I dream about it.

I also noticed that this usually only happens when I’ve focused on that thing only once during the day. I have never dreamed about something that has occured during the day if I experience it again. Example: If I see a picture in a book, think about it for a while, and then come back to it another time that day, I won’t dream about it.

I wonder if maybe that would be the same with LDing… If we all set aside a time during the day to concentrate on LDing, without interruption, (i.e., coming on the forum, reading about LDs, etc.) maybe that would cause us to dream about lucid dreaming and then become lucid?

I really have no idea if this would work, but it seemed interesting after I thought about it… Any comments?


Sounds like a good idea, I don’t get those, much. I had one about a week ago about the “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” joke. (Its the thing that has the dining room and shows a person screaming in black and white. I saw that picture in black and white, with all these colorful orbs with streams of color behind them. They were circling the black and white picture of the person screaming. It lasted about 2 seconds, and I woke up. Very strange, I thought it was horrifying as soon as I woke up for a second, then I kinda laughed (in my mind…not out loud), it was kind of funny. But anyways - If you get these a lot, it MIGHT actually work, if you can guess what you will dream about what you saw that day

That logic of seeing something doesn’t work for me. If I play a video game to much - namely (most recently) Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward, I dream about it. And yesterday I dreamed of a race of people with rune magic, though I finished the book a couple days ago.
However, I usually don’t dream all that much about stuff during the day.

My dreams, if they have to do with my waking life at all, tend to be very loosely tied to it. For instance, if I’ve been playing videogames a lot, I might have a dream that takes place within a sorta-videogame, although nothing specific. I frequently have one or two dream characters from my waking life, but they tend to be people I haven’t seen in a long time as opposed to people I’ve seen at all recently. :eh: I’ve had one dream that I can remember in the past two years that actually took place in waking life. Most of the time, my dreams are tottaly bizzare, have almost all dream-exclusive dream characters, completely alien settings, and plotlines with no ties to reality. I guess my mind just likes to make stuff up. :grin:

The painting is called “Skriget”, which is “scream” in english. Old swedish guy who did it :wink: If you see a thing more than once, you don’t dream about it ? Sounds a bit wierd to me, the more i see objects - more i remember - the more i dream about it.

Your idea is to not SEE the object much, but only think about it ? So your “subconcience” would recognize it, and tricker you so you’ll end up LD’ing ?

Well, if you just glance at something for a second and notice it, it usually doesn’t do much help for me. I’m saying that my mind really registers it, and I’m completely focused on whatever it is… If that makes any sense at all.


I think that what relation what you dream about has to your ordinary life is highly individual. You should find out what it is in your case, so you could be able to manipulate it with thoughts about LD when it is appropriate.

For me it isn’t that I dream about what has happened to me during the day. For me it is more about recent main questions in my life.

I know that everything that you see in a dream is something you thought about at least once that day. So the more you think about it, the more likely you are to dream about it.

Although I would say that the whole thing of only thinking about something once, I would suggest that maybe just maybe, it’s only coincidence?

It might just be coincidence… In fact, I’m thinking it is…

RCs are only successful for me when I do them several times throughout the day. Only when I’ve performed RCs several times in that day do I find that I’ll do an RC in a dream.

So maybe it is just coincidence. In that case… Well, the mind seems to often pick rather small, seemingly insignificant things to dream about.


I dont usually have dreams about things I have done in the day, but somtimes I’m having a conversation, and someone mentions something offhand and I have a dream about that, or I hear a song in a shop and some of the lyrics fit my dream. It could be just a fluke, but It happens quite often, so I think it triggers my mind.

I too, just like shift, rarely seem to dream of waking life as it is. I’ve noticed this exact thing you’re talking about daysong many times almost every day. It is usually those particular things that you don’t pay attention to, that show up in the dream. I can trace back many dream things to waking life. Some call it residue from daily life, and I don’t like it!

Hmm… And also it seems to vary for me. Sometimes I’ll dream of real life, and other times completely foreign things. Now it seems even more that it’s completely random… :bored:


I’ve dreamt of sci-fi tv shows e.g. Doctor Who, Stargate Sg-1, etc. etc…
Generally I’m involved in the story (I’m either one of the main characters or myself interacting) but the most recent one was in 3rd person (rare for me).

I’m hoping to set up a Doctor Who story when I ld again… NEVER tried this…