Dreaming as soon as I go to bed

Hi all,

So I’ve read on this forum that the best time to DILD or WILD is after a prolonged period of sleep, usually in the region of 4-6 hours. Having two small children I tend to wake in the night anyway, even if they don’t wake up, I think i’m just programmed to wake in the night to check they are ok through repetition and parental conditioning.

Anyway, not to digress too much, I have observed that my sleep pattern usually goes like this. i go to bed, and practice my meditation technique, until i feel either frustrated that I have not achieved the trance state (I dont even know what this is yet but im using the LDOC method to induce the lucid trance, for practice improving my self awareness, for future WILD’s), or when i feel tired.

I then utilise a method on this forum, whereby you close one nostril and fall asleep when feeling tired or, just fall asleep.

What I don’t understand is I tend to dream the first time I fall asleep. All my dreaming seems to be done here. I then wake up either by the baby snuffling about and wanting a feed or by myself. I then try to induce SSILD or a WILD depending on how awake I feel. After this point i have only ever dreamed once.

So, it would seem to be at this juncture, I am doing most of my dreaming when I initially fall asleep, which seems to go against the advice on this forum, and indeed the lucid dreaming research as a whole. Perhaps this is a result of sleep deprivation, from constantly waking to see to the baby from a young age. I must admit, I am only just really getting back to a regular sleeping pattern. I’m trying my best to go to bed earlier and earlier to catch up. I do feel tired all the time, but I don’t really live an active lifestyle due to the nature of my job and the demands of parenthood.

Again, i digress, but my point is, does anyone have any theories as to why i seem to dream more upon initially falling to sleep vs after 5-6 hours, as some have recommended here.

Thanks all, what a great forum, a lot more active than the last one I was on.

I’ve had nights where my dreams/REM sleep seems reversed. I have very vivid dreams in the first hour or so of sleep, followed by a seemingly quiet night. (I still have dreams later but the recall is harder and they are generally fuzzy /vague, like the first few hours on a ‘normal’ night.)

I’ve observed that this normally happens to me if I have a beer before heading off to bed. :content:

I believe you have ‘hit the nail on the head’ …

my opinion is that this will be correct for you.

How long are these early dreams? I find that my first dreams of the night are extremely short when compared to later ones.

Last night I had a quite long and involved dream, that seemed to instigate from the moment I fell asleep, I then didn’t have (or didn’t recall) any other dreams, despite waking and performing SSILD before I went to sleep for the second time. The third time I woke I have to get up for the kids and for work, so I don’t have that luxury.

I have also had dreams as soon as I go to sleep. Here’s an example. I had just fallen asleep, then my roommate came home and woke me up, then I fell asleep for an hour and wrote down the dream.

hello Dreamer Dad

I can not help you with your question, I simply don’t have a clue why this would happen to you. In my experience some interesting dreams can occur in fairly early stages of sleep, after about 3 hours of sleep

I have a off-topic question for you though.
Can you tell about this LDOC method to induce the lucid trance you mention? I never heard about it, you got me very curious :smile:

Hi yes, Jamie Alexander at lucidability.com/ wrote a book about it.

PM me with your email and ill send you a copy, he gives them away for free so i don’t think this will be a problem.