Dreaming in 3rd person

Hey guys, so I have a question. As far as I understood by now, most LD are in the first person. I never had one until now because I’m still working on my dream recall. But my problem is that I sometimes dream in the 3rd person. Basically, I see myself through somebody else’s eye or I can even observe myself like a spectator without a body. Is that normal? Or will it interfere with my ability to have LDs?

I don’t think it’d be an issue. I’ve read that some people have had 3rd person LDs

I experience constant POV changes in about 95% of my dreams.
I also change character constantly. Sometimes the changes are totally random, as if someone is constantly rolling two dice. One with all the visible DC s on it and POVs on the other. But allot of the time it just depends on who is winning the fight or having the most fun at the time. I will always change to avoid negative circumstance. With the exception of being chased by something, because that is one of my favorite reoccurring dreams. I will always have a perspective change if I feel fear. I believe this to be the reason I have never considered myself to have nightmares. For example if I am falling off a cliff and panic instead of enjoying the free fall I will change POV to someone else and laugh at the idiot that just fell of the cliff and got destroyed on the rocks below.
I must point out that i cant remember ever changing while lucid.
Is there anyone else that always dreams like this?