Dreaming not in color and not black and white

I would like to know if its possible for these people to have lucid dreams? ps: i don’t really know its like we all would say (well if you don’t dream in colour you should dream in black and white but she says "i don’t dream in black and white 2"I hope someone at this forum knows some more about this stuff thanks greetings Sean…

off course it is:P
it’s allways possible to have lucid dreams

do you mean that it’s part colour part black and white or that it’s something between colour and black and white

No.i think he means blind people or something!!!not sure though and i don’t know how

I’m not sure how you can’t dream in color, while simultaneously not dreaming in greyscale.

Even if you dreamt in monochrome, you’d still be dreaming in color.

That reminds me, I should try to have a monochromatic dream. That would be cool.

Hi lucidfl0,

do you mean that a friend of yours told you she doesn’t dreams in colour but she doesn’t dream in black and white too? :eek:

Does this mean that she just doesn’t have visuals dreams? Or more probably that she doesn’t clearly remember her dreams?