Dreaming of being Lucid?

Last night i had the strangest dream, it is where i got up, i did the plugging nose reality check and i could breath through my fingers, and i did the time change RC, so i got up and for some reason i did the nose RC again, and then i went outside and tryed to fly knowing i was Lucid, and i couldnt. So i closed my eyes and i saw and felt wings grow. Then i could fly but not very good. Then i landed and went in my garage with my cat and woke up. The thing is when i woke up i remembered it as a ND and i remembered i didnt have self control, all of what happened like it would in a ND, so it wasn’t really a LD. What was it? Man i wish i would have a good clear, selfcontroled LD, but i just dont seem to think that dream was a lucid one. I might of had like 1% of control over it, like part of the reality check part, also it seems like the RC part was more clear then the rest of it. WHAT WAS IT???

Maybe you were lucid, did the reality check and the dream then went on normal.

I had one of those:p
I dreamt that i were Lucid, f****** anoying:P

Maybe, i dont know if i should consider it a Lucid dream or not. If it were just a dream, is it a good sign to dream your having LD? lol

Yeah it was pretty anoying, i acually think Yang was right, i think the RC part might of really been a Lucid part becuase that part just seems like i had more control, exept the part where i tryed to grow wings also seemed like control only i dont remember even going outside in the dream to do it. lol

Also i remember 3 dreams last night! (Im getting SO much better at Dream recall!)

Actually it’s normal to happen, that a LD becomes a ND. You shouldn’t worry. I believe you were lucid. You’re one step closer now :wink:

I’ve had quite a few of these “semi-lucid” dreams, and well, it’s a good sign to have them, because it means that you’re at the brink of getting lucid. Don’t let them disempower you.

YES! Do i have more of a chance of LDing or is it the same chance as before? Or will i just have alittle more experience for the next LD?

Well I think that largely depends on how you choose to react to and work with your dreams. If you acknowledge these dreams as what they are and get excited about them, I would say you probably have a bigger chance of getting lucid next time.

I am really excited about my dreams. I am really exited that i had a LD i think, i just cant wait till my first succesful LD where its all clear

Just a point of clarification: being lucid is not about control! If you are aware that you are dreaming, then you are lucid. You can be very lucid, or not very lucid. You can become lucid during a dream, and then you can loose lucidity in the dream. You may only be lucid for a few seconds in a long ND.
Control is someting that you can learn while you are lucid. Lots of people are in control without being lucid, and often when you become lucid, you loose control. By that I mean that in an ND, because you are not lucid, you do not notice, or worry about things that are impossable IRL, so you can just do them. When you become lucid, then you remember that they are impossable so you may not be able to do them. Then you need practice to learn to do them again.
Lucid Dreaming is like anything else, you have to learn to do it. Some people learn fast. Some people have been paying attention to their dreams, and know what they can do in them so it is just a little jump to being lucid and in full controll. Some people have to start from the beging and learn everything. You can not expect to be an expert on the first try. Just keep working at it, and some day you can become an expert. LD’ing has the advatage that you do not have to be strong, fast or intelegent to be good at it. You just need to put enough work into it.
So keep dreaming, and keep working, then you to can be the next LD expert. :grin:

I agree with Don, I believe even if it were for a second, you had the realization and awareness that you were dreaming. Simple as that, I really don’t think there is a way to dream that you are Lucid, you could just have no control over it, but you have the knowledge that it is a dream. May others believe otherwise, for this is just my opinion :smile: But if you say in your dream “I’m dreaming” or even have the very thought that you are, it’s Lucidity in my eyes. There are exceptions in Pre-Lucid dreams though. :smile:

I have had 3 ND that I thought were ND but they were not…I no they where not!!! :grrr:

ohh i wrded that wrong sorry that i thought were LD’S HEHHEHEHEHE ,…AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH