Dreaming of someone, and taking them along with you

First off, im new so im sorry if this is the wrong thread :anx:

Last time i had a lucid dream, i was having a dream where i was on an adventure with someone(no one i’ve ever met, just some cute guy). Once I realized i was dreaming i decided to command them to stay with me, which was followed with us doing everything i could think of that i wanted to try(flying, etc.). Overall, having a companion, albeit it be a figment of my imagination or whatever, i still found it to be incredibly soothing.

I even think talking to them constantly may have helped me to keep the dream feeling more real, and helped me not wake up or fall back into dream and become unaware again.

Lucky, getting to talk with a dream character. Mine are always pretty silent.

Actually, come to think of it, I’ve never actually bothered to try and start a conversation with one, so I suppose it’s my own fault.

It definitely is a great feeling to have them with you, though.

Sounds like you found something called a dream guide. They are a character that you can use to help guide you through dreams and tell you how to do things. If you believe them, what they say will come to fruition because dream content tends to be produced from what you believe.

And like Ardosk, I have a hard time getting dream characters to talk, so nice job :smile:

Technically, that technique is known as CALD.

You can take advantages of DCs to incubate dreams and help you to achieve and keep lucidity. I’ve also had successes on chaining the same dream scenario by using CALD.

Ive never tied to talk with anyone in my dreams :meh: I had always thought they were just there in the background…that they were unimportant.


They are a part of you, of course their important.

They can provide valuable information about yourself that you didn’t know or be a great friend!