dreaming of the bathroom

Sometimes when i go to sleep ill wake up at 3am having to take a shit really bad but im really tired so i just go to sleep and i keep having dreams about getting up and walking to the bathroom to take a shit. They happen over and over and over untill i go. The same happens with piss and puke.

Has this happened to anyone else?

or is it just me

Well, I think most people probably GET UP when nature calls so they don’t dream about doing so. Maybe you should just make yourself get out of bed the first time it bothers you and use that little distraction to attempt WILD or something.

I know someone on one of these threads mentioned that they used the need to use the rest room as a way of inducing LD ’s.

Maybe you can use it as a dreamsign? :wink:

one time I had a dream I was at one of my hockey games (when I used to play) and I had to piss really bad so I opened my hockey bag and pissed in it. XD!

That wasn’t a dream.

And it wasn’t your bag.

It was mine, and you RUINED IT :grrr:

Oh god Monitor you are freakin hilarious!!! LOL thanks for the good laugh! wipes a tear wow… :content:

Okay, uh yeah the nature call carrying over into dreams. I can relate. I can swear that at least every other night i go to a bathroom in a dream or FA but dont know its a dream at all. LOL the other night i dreamt i took a piss at a urinal, a whole wall devoted to them. THe faucet was inside a square groove cut into a sqaure tile pillar in the middle of the room. Anyways if i looked around it to my left and in front there was a mirror. I remember i leaned around it and waved my hand just for kicks but could not see my hand but i thought nothing of it, proceeded to figure out this faucet thing with automatic soap dispenser, and even two diff faucets one is a straight jet while other is a mini shower, nice :cool:

But anyways the point of that is this: Everytime i go to the bathroom, ima pull a mirror RC.

New method LOL i dub…uh NCLD hehe:
NCLD - Nature Call Lucid Dream - Lucid Dream brought on through the mirror reality check while going to the bathroom. -LD4All Forums

If one is risky, they can drink a lot of water before they go to bed so as to have much higher chances of dreaming of bathroom works 100% for me it seems, lots of FA or weird public bathrooms before actually getting up but the thing is, you cant hold it forever, and though you may be lucid it is a very shaky lucid, because half your attention is devoted to “oh god i gotta take a piss!!” and not on the fact youre dreaming. Also, your body might just pull a zombie and wake you up unconsciously sitting out of bed and walking to the bathroom, or you might even wet the bed lol never happened to me but i wouldnt push it lol

Of course, the short-term lucid dream applications are still lucrative. You can, for example be like ‘okay ima wake up and take a piss, and return here immediately, lucid, upon awakening!’ or tell a DC: “hey i gotta go take a piss, can you watch my lucidity for me?” :tongue:

Ooooo another idea is that maybe since you will be dreaming of bathrooms often, it will get ingrained to the point that you will dream of bathrooms more often though you dont need to go to the bathroom! LOL what a weird method.

Could be a good RC I know in my dreams bathrooms are always really bizarre.

This is similar to something I read about Freud’s theory of dreams.

Here is an excerpt from my school psychology textbook. (This exceprt is written by freud)

Sorry about any typo’s, I transcribed this as quick as I could.

I made a thread about toilets whih is like this…I always dream about going for a piss if I can’t be bothered to go before I go to sleep. Just loads of dreams, all the same, one after the other, get up have a piss go back to bed…it sucks.
I’ve given up using these things as RC cos if I did, I’d be doing a RC every second of everyday!