Dreaming Our Way to 2012 (join us)

Hi everyone. I just posted this over at Sea Life. I’m posting it here in the Dreamspell forum as well, because it was as a result of my initial dream journeys and calls for dream guidance about 2012, that I was led to follow the Dreamspell / 13 Moon Calendar.

I hope others here will join us for the project! You can also post in this thread, if you’d like.

Solar Moon: Dreaming Our Way to 2012

Author/s: Nick Cumbo (Explora)
Last Edit: Galactic Moon, Silio 28. White Magnetic Wind. Blue Crystal Storm Year (06.03.2005)

Each moon, dreamers at the Sea Life and Earth First Dreaming School web forums, run a fun mutual dreaming adventure or research project to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves, and our planet. During the Solar Moon, we’ll be Dreaming Our Way to 2012

13 Moon Calendar

More monthly pictures and information can be found in our 13 Moon Calendar: Journey of the Peace Train. More details about the movement are available at the home of the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement or through the Foundation for the Law of Time

Dreaming Our Way to 2012
[b]For the past two years, here at Sea Life, we have been running a project, in which we shoot ourselves off in dreams to the year 2012, bringing back guidance, which can help us to manifest a brighter future for this lovely planet of ours. Why the year 2012?[/b]

[b]Among their other accomplishments, the ancient Maya created calendars of remarkable accuracy and complexity. These were used to keep track of the many different cycles of time, which “map and structure various aspects of human experience” (John Major Jenkins - Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). In addition to calendars such as the 365-day Haab (civil calendar) and the 260-day Tzolkin (sacred count), the Maya used the Long Count Calendar to keep track of a Great Cycle, 5125 years in lenth; extending from BC. 3113/3114 to 2012. AD.

Remarkably, the December 21st 2012 endpoint of the Long Count (, comes to pass on the winter/summer solstice of 2012. “An incredibly rare alignment, in which the noonday Sun exactly conjucts the crossing points of the sun’s ecliptic with the galactic plane, while also closely conjucting the exact center of the galaxy”. “The Maya conceived of this Great Cycle as one World Age, one growth cycle at the end of which humanity reaches the next stage in it’s spiritual development”…[/b]

What does this mean for the years around 2012? “In shamanic terms, this is a pure alignment, an increased awareness of our responsibility to Earth, as her core aligns sensitively and slowly to the cosmic core” (Dreaming the Council Ways). These are years of profound opportunity. By participating in this project, we seek to move beyond our conditioned passivity, and unravel the earth’s larger dream as it grows and evolves within each of us.

I’ve collated a few links to help get us started.

Calendars through the Ages - The Mayan Calendar - A basic summary of the the Mayan Calendar.
Speculations on the Evolution of Human Consciousness - A basic summary of the significance of 2012.
Dire Gnosis - An awesome and very COMPREHENSIVE database on the year 2012!
The Waves (2003) - A summary of Sea Life’s first year of dreaming adventures to the year 2012. The original journeys which provided the inspiration for our forum and it’s name, “Sea Life”
The Waves (2004) - The second year of Sea Life’s dreaming adventures to the year 2012. Planetary celebrations, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Let’s see what more we can discover! Good luck!