Dreaming while awake.

I was dreaming and had a very vivid dream,but when I became lucid it became blurry and I started seeing through my real eyes and my dream eyes at the same time. Has anyone ever had the same experience?

Yes! Once I was trying WILD, and I had a very vivid, controlled lucid dream, but I could tell I was still awake. I could feel my real body and my dream body and could control both, although I didn’t want to move my real body in fear of losing the dream.

I was able to control my dream body but not my real body, when I did move I would feel my real body struggling to move.

Oh yes! Its so frustrating :neutral: I could feel my real body, and I struggled so much to stay in the dream. I could see out of “both” sets of eyes. Eventually I was moving both bodies at the same time.

This is the most annoying thing ever. When I move out of my body when I’m in SP while opening my eyes, my IRL eyes will be a bit open. I’ll have double vision which gets in the way.