dreaming winning lottery numbers, it is possible :D

I just saw on TV a programme about people who won the lottery.

One story was about a man who dreamt the 7 numbers. he woke up still thinking that he had won. He wrote down the numbers and from that day on he played the lotto with those numbers. 7 years later he won the lotto, he was the first in the history of the (belgian) lotto to have all numbers right. He won about 465.000 euro.

so keep on dreaming people! :happy:

That’s awesome. It’s like using your dreams to cheat reality :razz:

When I do have Lucid dreams one of the first things I ask the Dream Characters is if they know the winning numbers for the lottery. They usually just look at me strangely or laugh. In my last lucid dream one Dream Character said that they didn’t have the winning numbers but that their creator did. I wish I could have asked who their creator was (she might have meant me).

But I do believe it is possible to dream about winning numbers in a lottery. If I am successful I will let you know when I am relaxing on the beach with my laptop at my Island mansion in Fiji.

That’s fricken awesome. I’ve quite a few pregog dreams in the past. One recently actually. I’ll make sure to look for lottery numbers every LD. ^^

My main lotto line are numbers that I dreamt of.

They have won me mostly just £10 (£10 = 3 numbers) and on two occations 4 numbers for £98 and £40 respectively.

I’ve probably won over £300 in total since 1994?

Course, I have spent over £2300 :tongue:

I guess 7 years isn’t too long to wait for lottery riches!

The next time I am lucid I will try to remember to ask a DC and see what they say.

I say he just got lucky and it was a coincidence. I mean, it took him 7 years! Not: he woke up, wrote them down, bought a lotto ticket with those numbers and won the same day. I’m not convinced.

You also don’t know if he tells the truth about the dream anyway.


Even if its not real, who cares?! It’s a great thought and something to motivate you…
Reality is for losers…grins

Well, I wouldn’t say that it’s down-right coincidence.
Yeah, 7 years is a long time, but consider the fact that there are 9^7 possible numbers, man.

Either way, I think that you lose a lot more winning the lottery compared to what you win.

Well, you know what they say: Easy come, easily taken away by the government :razz:

But I’m rather skeptical about the whole dreaming lotto numbers thing.

EDIT: Perhaps someone should do an experiment on this.

i saw a soccer game ending 5-2 and the next day the game ended that way. so i believe in psychic dreams and been trying for lottery numbers for a long time. one dc in an ld told me 10 20 30 40 50 60 lol , they most of the time say that they don’t know.

It might was a coincidence… :eh:

I don’t think is that easy to predict the future. Also imagine how annoying would be. Because someone he could use that ability to predict things about your personal life.