Dreaming Within A Dream

Has anyone ever dreamed within a dream? It happens to me quite frequently. I will be having a bad dream and tell myself to wake up and get out of it, and when I wake up i am am very confused, usually some sort of sleep paralysis comes with this and I get really scared because I think, okay i just woke up and I can’t move my legs, I can’t talk, call out to my husband, etc…it takes me some time from there to realize I am in a dream still and that I had dreamed within my dream, and the moment Irealize that I usually can wake up…


Hello Willow_Mae,

Dreaming you wake up is called a FA (and yes this looks like you had a dream within a dream). If after some time you do realise you are dreaming, you can indeed wake yourself up, but why not use this to continue into a LD?

I was having an ld once then i dreamed that i was waking up and lost my lucidity because i tholught i was awake (i didnt have alot of control while i was lucid)