DreamLink,daly thelephaty or characters copies?

I like to ask you a question. i am not very good in inglish, but will try to explain my situation. i hear voices of people all the time. they are like copies of people i know. there are 3 particular persons voices i hear every day. imade some comitment to have a lucid dream withe these 3 characters, that have not hapen, but i have a number of dreams i had low lucid interaction with this dream characters and daily voices.
when i have some particular dreams the voice of the character i hear then gives me confirmation of the dream like they make relation of the dream. will you give me your opinione of
what is my braein doing or why it creates copies to talk to me or is it posible these peaple are allways talking thelephty to me and dream linkig whith me? :cool:

I would say it is something like what S. Freud used to call the Id(Sub-Conscious), Ego and Super-Ego. But that’s my theory. I hear voices when i go to bed! i don’t think it’s telepathy i think it’s just those different parts of me! I heard a theory(i think it was here) that that’s what happens with schizophrenics.

Don’t worry too much!

If the voices don’t boder you, don’t worry! Try to learn a bit from them and understand what they are. If you feel like doing it talk with other people about them!

If they are bodering you, like “KILL YOUR PARENTS” “KILL YOURSELF” “THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU” or any other freaking bad and bothering stuff, don’t worry, stay calm and try to find some help, maybe a psychologist or such! If the voices tell you that I’ve been sent by the devil don’t mind them, madness is very hard to deal with, although you can learn from it!

Keep comunicating!
Peace @ us!

i just theorized that we are more or less Gods of the dream domain, lucidity is the first step… you must convert, be kind, help, be what you WANT to be (we’re assuming it is holy in this scenario) to everyone in the dream, in turn, they will begin to recognize your existence, increasing your power.

Ultimately you will end up, quite literally, crucifying your ego… you and everything will merge into one, perhaps.

What I’m thinking is that these characters may be highly developed parts of you, that you could try to learn from, but do be careful with their advice.

I agree with phatidico that if the voices don’t bother you too much and don’t keep you from functionning normally, it should be allright. If not, you should seek out professional help. I dont think it’s other people talking though telepathy. But try and have a (lucid)dream about them and seek answers there, who knows.

i wonder if i have the ld whith them and convert them in somthing good will my mind understand and make something good about it?

Yeah I think you can learn from them, and that you should be carefull with they’re advice!
I just don’t agree with that crucifying your ego part! According to Freud (or what I understood from Freud) your ego is you. So it not be very wise to crucify yourself!
I think the main goal would be to learn and identify, learn and understand these voices, accept them and eventually shut them up! Not by force like “Shut the ■■■■ up” that is non-acceptance, they would probably just get louder. But by acceptance! Don’t know how to explain it better!
This is what I’m trying to do with mine!
Try to identify the voices, how they sound like, where they come from (left, right, back, front, passed, future, china, spain, whatever) and what other questions you find important!
Keep Comunicating! I mean, report results, experiences, how are you feeling?!


this is one of the dreams i had some time ago. i was in some apartments building and i saw a person who i hear as one voice. and then i saw him angre for somthing i dont know. i tell him to let me out becuse he was at the door and we exchage some words and imediatly began a fight. we exchange some punches and then i managed to control hem with some defense tecknics i know. when i had him under control i wake up. since that dream that is not the only one that i have with him i have ben able to talk to that voice and thigs have change now this voice startet suporting me and some times expreses apresiation for me and haves some more respect now.

check the PM out.
Try LDing and asking your DC’s for help! :help:

Perhaps you could work better with that “voice DC” if you meet him in a LD. LD’s are said to be useful with recurring nightmares, DC’s, etc. If you meet him in a LD, you can ask him what he represents and why he’s talking to you. I can’t assert that it will work, or that it will be useful for you, but you always can try…

Thats exatly what i am trying to do. I will let you know

do you know when you had that dream? I had a dream where I walked into someones apartment and he started attacking me for no reason… and I’ve been trying to shared dream with people fairly regularly.

the ego in this case is not the same as what Freud called the ego, the ego represents selfishness, connection to the present moment, desires, fears, etc…

Those are parts of the Self, right?
that’s exactly why i say peace@us.ALL on most my posts! because i know that all of us have that same ego you talk about.
i just don’t agree with the connection to the present moment thing. i haven’t really experienced it but i hear a lot of meditative people say that it’s a very good thing!


holy reality I know the person i am talking about and its now a friend of mine. and it was not in an apartment but in the first floor or the looby. LOL. and hope nobody atacks you anymore in the dreams.