DreamPad...freeware dream journal software

Hi to you all dreamers…I found a freware dream journal software, very simple but very nice interface, notepad likes but with some addiction (calendar for example…)

Only 1 problem: it has just polish language interface!!! :cry:

I’m not a programmer…If anyone would like to rewrite this or searching some ideas for writing a new one feel free to email me, tell me what you think about it and I’ll send you the zip file.

Ps: Inside youll’ find a txt file with the most common words in polish translated into english.

Thanx to keep this site up to date…you’re so usefull!!!
sorry for my english and…goodnight!!

My email address: folliax@email.it

If this is freeware, I can host it for you. :smile:

you can find my email address from the button below this message. If you send it to me, I’ll give you a http: address to use :smile:

If any translation needed i can do it.Im not the programmer though so id need a list of words or commands.
take care

Here is the link where you can download Dreampad v.1


Thanx DreamAddict for Hosting the prog. :content:

Tell me what you think about it and if anyone can Develop the first english version

bye bye

There are programs to edit the strings (words) inside Windows apps. Possibly they could help. :smile:

nice program
hope someone will find out how to translate it…