Dreampt i had a lucid dream

Been trying to keep a DJ next to my bed. When i wake up i jot down what i can before going back to sleep. I’m afraid to stay up to long because it’s harder to get back to sleep, so i just jot down a few points. Looking at them later, amounts to gibberish.

Anyway, last night, i wrote down the following gibberish:
servers, money, theirs and my way, wants things set up properly, room, two guys, fixing errors?

Well, it almost makes sense, can’t remember what it was about though.

Moving along, after hitting the head i went back to sleep with specific intent to have an LD and find a person behind a door. I ended up dreaming about intending to dream about it. That is, i started to imagine the story unfold before i went to sleep, which was much more vivid then it should have been. Then, in my dream i fell asleep and started having an LD. Here’s the entry:

In dream realized i must be dreaming, started to wake up, fell backwards/arms twirled to go back, felt the SP, excited, calmed down before wake up, lorphe {?] as excitement was waking me up. wished for door to find objective, got three doors, made assertion complete, was losing lucidity, trying to get it back caused wakeup, happy, not excited.

The “happy, not excited” was how i felt when i really woke up.

This dream i mostly remember. I figured i had to imagine what i wanted before i went to sleep, so i imagined going into a building (up some stairs) and finding the room in an appropriate location, this was quite vivid, but i thought i was awake and going to sleep so this all made sense. When i started to wake up, i used the fall back and felt SP inside the dream, really strange, and came up to the three doors, the doors open on the left inwards, which made no sense to me because the person inside (the obviously small room) would be crushed. So, i had the doors open on the right, outward, by focusing on the door. The focusing was too intense and made me start losing lucidity in my dream’s dream.

I tried again but went down into a cave instead of up, and started to psychoanalyze myself for picking down or up, as i had just read Jung’s essay on the spirit in fairytale, where he described a particular story in detail with the swine herdsman and world tree, princess, anima, and all that other good stuff. Considering i was doing all this in a dream… is just strange.

At some other point in the dream i imagined i was falling asleep (but not asleep yet) thinking of a hooded, masked figure i didn’t like, so i waved my hand to make him go away, and asserted my power over my imagination. I think it worked mildly, but there was a scene change anyway.

When i finally woke up and realized the entire episode was a dream, i felt happy, just not excited.

Was that a lucid dream?

If you knew you were dreaming, then it was a Lucid dream.

That most definitely was a lucid dream. Anytime you realize you are dreaming then it’s an LD, but some are more vivid than others. I’ve had plenty of low-level LD’s myself. You might want to look into a few ways of prolonging your lucidity and making it more vivid, like screaming “Increase lucidity now!”, spinning around, or looking at your hands. There are several others as well - use what works for you.

Also, you might want to have a look at The Big “Was This a LD” Topic. There you can find similar stories - it’s a pretty common problem we lucid dreamers face!

Oh wow, didn’t see that.

The problem is, i didn’t have the bang afterwards when i woke up. Because when i “woke up” from the LD, i was still dreaming. Hence, i was just happy, not ecstatic.

Either way, time to update m,y LD count. Yipee. :smile:

This has happened to me nearly every second night now, i am always dreaming that i am trying to WILD or saying, this is a dream, but i am not truly aware. :grrr:

I once dreamt that I had successfully done a WILD. I was lucid until I falsely woke up. The dream was blurry, but I remember that I was proud and happy of myself that I just successfuly did a WILD :happy:
Such dreams seem to happen, especially if you practice WILD IRL. If you want to stay lucid even after falsely waking up from a lucid dream, you should do RC’s whenever you wake up IRL.

I don’t think being aware that you’re dreaming automatically makes you lucid… so many times have I been aware that I’m dreaming yet I didn’t have the will to become lucid (alert, in control, almost like you’re awake) and went along with my dream as a ND but still I knew I was dreaming, just didn’t do anything with it (not consciously!).