Dreams about school, long after having been there

Even as a senior in college, I’ve noticed that I still have the occasional dream that takes place in my old high school (and a couple times, even middle school). Of course, everything makes sense as in any ND, but it’s not too farfetched since it wasn’t that many years ago. However, one day I was telling my dad about a dream about high school, and he told me that he even still has dreams taking place in high school or college, at age 45. He said they still somehow “make sense” while in the dream, and that I’ll probably continue to have dreams about school for the rest of my life.

So, can any “old timers” out there verify this? Are you doomed to have dreams about school until you’re dead and buried? Most of the time, my school dreams are rather unpleasant, so I’d rather they eventually go away.

yup, I have had plenty of dreams about school when I had long graduated. Eventually I learned to use those dreams as a dreamsign so I would become lucid when I found myself back in my old school.


There you go. :tongue:

Ah, the wisdom of xkcd. We actually get that printed in our school paper.

You’d think an old school would be an adequate dream sign, but it seems to go right over my head every time. Especially when I’m panicking about something like a surprise test in basic algebra, despite that algebra is second nature in engineering school. What is it about normal dreams that temporarily turns our brains into mush?

I was talking about this the other day. I have dreams sometimes where Im back in highschool, and Im still trying to graduate at age 36. I did graduate in RL, but this dreams makes me feel like Im being left behind while all my class mates have graduated, and have long sence got on with there lives, and it leaves me with the feeling of being alone in a sence. A terrible feeling. Next time I have this dream Im just going to drop out LOL

Well, most dreams have a profound meaning, recurring dreams even more so. The time I had them, I interpreted my school dreams as my fear all the knowledge I’d gathered in my younger days would dissipate. Also, they were a signal I’d get my tension up during those moments not depending on how much I knew, or anything else, but just because. Not to mention, that means lack of lucidity in the most important IWL moments. :razz:
After this analysis, I’ve never had school dreams after. But that could just be me and my faulty dreamsigns. :tongue: