Dreams about someone!

Is it true that if we dream about someone, they are also dreaming about us or they miss us??? If no then what is true?

There’s nothing I’ve read that supports that in any way, scientifically speaking.

I’ve dreamt about loads of people over this past weekend, and I doubt they all saw me in their dreams too! Like many other aspects of the human brain, though, we have a limited understanding of dreams and their significance so who knows?

What is true is that if you dream about someone then they’ve been on your mind recently for whatever reason, and that could be because you missed them.

As far as I know, I can agree with Nivv in saying that dreaming about someone probably just means you have been thinking about them a lot. However, who knows how the dream world actually works. There may be many, many dream worlds or dimensions that we all go into when we fall asleep and we actually connect to other people there. Or our subconscious is just doing its thing at night to relive the day and relive your thoughts. I hope it’s the former, much more interesting :happy:

Anyway, in brief I don’t think it’s true that just because you dream about someone means they are also dreaming about you. If that were the case then that means noone has been missing me lately :sad: haha