Dreams and the future

can dreams tell the future… cuz a couple of years ago i had a dream that told the future

Yes, that has happened to me since the late summer, and not the routine stuff. For my friend that works even more accurately and effectively. But recently, let’s us say, I have not been tuned in seeing the future, more in lucid dreams. It’s about how you understand your dreams, not meaning intellectual interpreting, but spiritual sensing. We must open ourselves to inner wisdom. Dreams are not just a game to play, they are the other aspect of our reality. When we begin to experience the fifth dimension instead of the third, things seems to happen ‘twice’. This is something I have understood: whatever we do, we shall go it through ‘backwards’ too, to experience its other aspect. What I say is not supposed to be taken literally, but to be understood through inner understanding. Because the words can only show the form, 1/3 of 3/3, the understanding is the rest 2/3. So when 1/3 is added to 2/3, it makes 3/3, but also because 1/3 is one and 2/3 is one, 3/3 plus one and one makes five. Does not make sense? It does if you look at it from the fifth dimension :eek:
But since I am not genius, certainly someone understands this better. Another thing is that I must try to draw the picture in foreign language. So if there is a genius mastermind awake there, please if you feel like it, explain this to your fellow citizens. It is about the fifth dimension, since five (5) is the number of human. Fortunately, I shall end here.