Dreams are becoming aware without lucidity or controll

Occasionally when I dream I have moments of “Hey I know this is a dream” but never do anything about it. It is a strange thing to experience and a bummer when you wake up and realize what just happened.

A good example is when something VERY bad is happening (That gut wrenching what have I done feeling) and while you are scared and confused you may say “It will all be okay though this is just a dream.” (I usually remember just thinking about it being a dream) And then you wake up knowing you were in a dream where you KNEW you were dreaming but did not become lucid.

The only way I have had proper luck in dealing with this issue is using MILD and saying something along the lines of “If I know I am dreaming I will become lucid” But it is becoming more and more of an issue for me to become lucid with this problem. The awareness is almost always there but the control and realization is not.

So how do all of you deal with this issue? What have you found to be a viable solution? Or what do you believe might be a possible issue/solution?

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Anyway, regarding your question, I consider these “know that is a dream but then you wake up and gets shocked about it” as FLDs.

On side note, some people ask me what I consider HLDs. (Half Lucid Dreams). I consider HLDs as LDs that I cannot do anything but I have the same consciousness. That usually happens because I am too tired to take advantage of the LD or the awareness is unstable but I still have the same peak of complete awareness. On the other hand, in FLDs I don’t have the same awareness, it is almost like my mind is not fully working and/or I cannot recall my RL.

How to deal with it? I don’t know a completely foolproof technique, however, learning how to RC properly solves the issue in most cases.
You need the correct mindset to RC successfully.
There are several techniques to achieve that:
Waggoner claims that you must search for a critical question, one example could be
“Why did I create this? How does this relate to my beliefs, thoughts or feelings?”

LaBerge recommends RCing and then thinking “how would the RC tell me that it’s actually a dream?” and then you check your surroundings and then you RC again.
Wyvern recommends asking yourself something like why and how. (Is this real? Why is this real? How I got here). I am not sure about this actually I am not a master of this technique.
Tggtt devised a process that contains seven questions meant to be asked and answered in order.

Regardless of what you choose, it seems that it’s important to attain the mindset to RC before RCing. There are hypothesis around this, for example, being really lucid could be linked to a specific brain region that needs to be awakened. Well I don’t have further details.

Good luck.

I have a similar problem. I remember dreaming that I was on the phone to my boyfriend (after several missed connections) and saying “Hey, this is awesome! Now I can talk to you from within my dream!”

But I wasn’t actually lucid, as far as I can tell, and nothing more came of it. I’m still taking it as a good sign though. Like a “part of the way there” thing.

Thanks for the advice Tggtt! And its annoying as ill get out Will.W i just wanna lucid dream again!

I wouldn’t fully consider it a HLD because everything i remember about it just feels like a lucid dream, its completely aware that it is a dream, it is completely like “no big deal its just a dream nothing bad can happen.” But without the typical taking control and being in charge. there is no power to my dreams but it as if i never even try to be in power, its just lucid.

I guess i will just have to just work on proper RC again. Been such a long time but the constant MILD before sleep/naps is starting to show results. I hope to find some solution soon!

Sounds to me like you are lucid, you just forget that you can take control. Maybe working on dream plans would be helpful?

Sometimes I forget what I was supposed to do in my LD. I still keep trying to remember, really hard in there.

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For me, it works to be prepared in case of LDing. I work on some sort of LD simulation.
I think about being in a LD and what I should do. I train myself until I can recall the plan easily. Imagining it also works, but also acting IRL has the best results.

Dream simulation. That’s really interesting, thanks!

Yea I get that sometimes also. I’m in the dream and I totally understand that I’m dreaming but I just go along with whats happening. Although I’m still new to lucid dreaming, I think in a way it’s not too bad a thing. It’s good practice for being able to sit back and watch what is actually happening in the dream if the dream seems like it has an important message instead of changing things and missing the potential for self development.