Dreams during pregnancy

I keep hearing that pregnant women experience very intense, vivid dreams. Pregnancy forums are full of those dreams. They seem to mostly fall into two categories: Dreams about giving birth to various human and non human creatures, and dreams where their loved ones are betraying them. I also see a lot of dreams where the baby has already been born, and the mother forgets about it.

I’m 12 weeks pregnant, and haven’t experienced any of this yet. On the contrary, my sleep quality has gone down. I need more sleep than before, but it has become very difficult to actually get any high quality sleep, my body just doesn’t shut down as it did. I feel sore and sick, and need to get up at least once a night to use the bathroom!

I have noticed a few subtle changes. Earlier, most of my dreams took place at dawn. The background was usually a foggy, grey morning. Now, most dreams take place in bright daylight. It has also become easier to recall actual memories from my own childhood, both in waking life and in dreams.

For you who have recorded your dreams while pregnant, did you notice any changes? Did they change more as the pregnancy progressed?

I’d already noticed that you were dreaming about pregnancy much more than usual. (I’ve just won a bet I had with myself that this would turn out to be the explanation).

Congratulations to you and your partner! Hope all goes well, wishing you all the best. :happy:

I think the issue is that most people don’t pay attention to their dreams, unless they are particularly vivid or weird most people don’t even remember them. So it will be interesting to read the experiences of a long time lucid dreamer and someone who pays attention to their sleep and dream content. Maybe once the morning sickness phase passes your sleep quality will improve? (I know nothing, but the sickness is just during the first bit, possibly? I dunno I’m gonna shut up now. :smile: )

Congratulations Siiw :balloon:

When I was pregnant, I did not keep a dream journal at that time
I remember some dreams about me carrying the baby in a bag, and panicking about losing the bag or forgetting where I left it. Well explainable dreams :wink:

Hope the sickness will be over soon

congratulations Siiw! i hope you will have interesting, meaningful, positive dreams as your pregnancy progresses.

i had an extremely intense and memorable dream about giving birth, but not while pregnant. the baby turned out to be… a bowl of cereal. which didnt seem too strange to me in the dream. it just didnt occur to me that my baby was a food item and not an actual baby. until i woke up :eek:

i loved it so intensely, every individual flake of grain, just as one loves every little finger and toe on a real baby.

Thank you for all your congratulations! :cool_laugh:

There have been some more emotional dreams lately. Strangely enough, most have been dreams of intense anger or grief. (I didn’t want to post yesterday’s) I don’t feel that way IRL at all.

Oh big news! Congratulations, Siiw!
I hope you and the baby are well and he or she (do you plan to find out before birth?) is going to be healthy.

Unfortunately I am afraid I cannot contribute much to the topic^^ I can imagine that with hormones being turned around a lot it will also affect brain chemistry in such a way as to give dreams a new shade. I wouldn’t know in which direction though. Plus all emotional and psychological influences, which are probably even bigger.