Dreams in Reality

A few months ago I had a very strange cross with dreams and reality, leading to not only one of the largest shocks of my life, but also something very thought-provoking… And its pretty dam long. Would like to hear any thoughts/feedback.

I went on holiday with some of my friends (we’ll call them M, G, C, L and S) and partyed rather hard and never got much sleep. The run-in with the police contibuted to that, but thats another story;)
When I got back home I sat by my computer and started listening to music, thinking about the trip, feeling not tired, but not-not tired… if that makes any sense. I closed my eyes and leaned on the table, and this is when it started getting wierd.
C walked into my mind, and we started having a conversation. Imagine having a fixed vision into darkness, but something in that line of vision being completely visible. I was looking and speaking to him… in my mind :eh: In the back of my mind i was thinking this was rather strange, but went along with it. M entered at the left of my vision, and we continued the conversation. The only way I can validate that I wasnt asleep at the time was that I could still hear the music playing from my computer.

I went outside and lay on my deckchair, thinking that a nap would sort out this strange occurence. Again M and C walked in, we talked, eventually leaving after noticing that i wanted to sleep. After a short time of non-mind-invading, I suddenly heard C next to me, Outside my mind. I looked at him with my eyes closed, and he had a hazy outline of the window behind him. Before registering what was going on, he pointed to the wall and said “look!”. I quickly opened my eyes and glanced at the wall, which wasnt too eventfull. I looked back and he had vanished. The music still playing in the background.
Starting to Freak out, it was then that I realised that a good sleep would be in order.

I went and lay in my bed, and almost instantly my friends walked back in, speaking to eachother. I joined in, and eventually they left. Then L walked in. I asked him if he knew what the hell was going on. We spoke about the situation I was in, he seemed to be pretty clued up yet still I felt like he knew something I didnt.
To test my powers in this little mind of mine, I focused on top of his head, and slowly drew my focus to the floor. Then one side of his body detached, and started sliding towards the floor. Somehow I had cut my friend in half :eh:
Filled with remorse, I put him back together, and he would just slide back down again. Apologising, I imagined stiching his body together, which seemed to work. We talked a bit more about how strange this all was (with me mostly just saying sorry) and he walked out of my vision. Though i could focus where I wanted in my vision (And do some pretty crazy stuff) I couldnt shift it around. It was like a frame of a camera, once its out of the picture it in essence vanishes.

M, C, S, G and some people we met on the trip invited themselves in again. It was like a party in my mind. L started talking to me, but I couldnt see him, he was drifting behind my vision (Imaging sorrund sound :smile: ) once again talking about the situation. I was pretty frustrating not being able to see him. Luckily I still had the privacy of my thoughts, they seemed to be active in another compartment. We talked, people started leaving, and eventually I told them that it was fun, but I should probably go to sleep. This cant be healthy. M and C came back in a short while after that, talked for a minute but I sent them away. I was still awake at this time, try imaging having a really deep daydream, but still being aware of your body, even moving it occasionally. The strangest feeling about it was that i could still feel and see the hair in my eyes (I have a long fringe) while talking in my mind.

Ok, this is when it gets strang…er. Chilling in my bed, waiting for sweet sleep, M and C walked into my room (not my mind). They kept on nagging me to get up. Being perfectly aware that they dont exist. I got up. They seemed to like talking alot.
I can now safely say that this was a dream, though it didnt feel like it at the time. It seemed perfectly normal that was room was on the second story of my house. We dont have a second story. if laying in my bed was the absolute borderline of sleep, this was the absolute borderline of sleep… While they were talking about the trip I let my thoughts wonder, thinking about how much further this ‘fake but real friends’ was going to go. Looking out the window I saw two burgulars climbing over the wall into our backyard, walking towards our back door. I wasnt too alarmed, as I knew they didnt exist. Leaving M and C, I walked over to the tv in my room (theres no tv in my room, but it felt so real! :smile: ) and switched it on.
I thought that seeing as my hallucinations were being formed outside my mind now, I decided to expiriment.
The TV showed a cheerleader dancing around, doing her thang. I concentrated on the visual, and set my intent to bring her into my room, from the TV…
The TV switched off, showing a black screen, with a reflection…
Of a huge man at least 3 times the size of me, right behind me…
He leaned over and said, “THATS NOT GOING TO WORK.”
If I was a horror-thriller writer youd find that pretty scarey, I cant even describe the fright that I got. He never gave off the impression of a human, it felt like he was a part of me, an evil presence.
I tired to scream, but there was something blocking my voice. It felt like a cement block in my throat. Failing to scream, I hurried past him towards my bed. I got on, tried to utter something, anything, though that never worked. Freaking out a tad, I got under the covers and shut my eyes. Just then an extremely tall Carribean (way over two metres) guy walked in, and didnt seem too friendly.
I tried to shut out them out and go back to sleep, to wake up, or something…
I woke up.

Sounds interesting. I’ve not experienced anything so vivid as this, but I believe I have experienced the same phenomenon. There is much talk over LD4all about HI, and I believe your mind invading friends were the advanced stages of this. Fairly often now, usually under circumstances of fatigue, or when going back to sleep, I get very vivid hypnagogic hallucinations whilst my consciousness remains partially in my body. These always seem to involve interactions with people, most often my friends, although often there is a stranger present who is introduced. In the earlier stages it feels like it is something in the mind, but there sometimes comes a point where I can step into an imagined sensory body, although I struggle to fully escape my real senses, the feeling of sitting in an armchair or lying in bed. This is one recognised method of entering an LD using WILD. Just a couple of examples. I was sitting in an armchair, which I have always struggled to stay awake in. My intention was to develop HI into a LD. It worked to the extent that I was sitting at a table with two friends and a stranger that my friends had introduced to me. It was not quite all there. Imagine seeing what you see now, but emitting only half the light, and having only have the crispness of it’s edges, and despite having a body in the mind with was fidgetting at this table, I also was aware of being comfortably sitting in my armachair, hearing the backgrund sound of the real world. Then a louder noise in my hallway grabbed my attention away from the dream and left me completely in the armchair, but with sleep paralysis, completely unable to move, then I heard my Father (who I suspected was making the sound in the hallway) speak, saying to himself “Oh, there’s nobody in”. It turned out the noise in the hall was my cat, and the voice was imagined.
A second example, I was lying in bed having woken up and decided to fall back to sleep. Images formed in my mind, and in my mind I could see people infront of me, in some kind of canteen, but I was definately awake, and could feel myself lying in bed, on my left hand side. Some people in my mind’s eye came at me and threw me over a table, and I could see the floor come towards me, and then immense pain in the front of my face, where my imagined self hit the floor head first. The pain was very real, just like when I’d smashed my face on the bottom of a swimming pool after a bad dive a few weeks previously. I tried to turn over in bed, but realised I had sleep paralysis again, so I couldn’t. The people in my mind continued to throw me about and beat me up, and it all hurt. I had no control my imagined self, like a games console without the controller plugged in. While they continued beating me I tried and tried to move my paralysed real body, until eventually my little finger came unstuck and then the rest of my body, and then I was able to roll over onto my right side and the onslought stopped.
I don’t always get the sleep paralysis though. Sometimes I can just stand up and go, like you did.
The second phase was clearly just a full blown LD, although somewhat unnerving ofcourse because of it’s consistancy with the previous HI. I’ve sometimes had elements that disagree with what I try to do in an LD, like the nonhuman figure that told you the cheerleader plan wouldn’t work. Just idea, if a cheerleader should appear on TV again, I think you would have more success diving into the television. I reckon it would work much like a mirror. Ever been through a mirror?

Sorry gotta go to film school now, will post a reply when i get back!!

Haha, the way you describe your experiances seem to closely relate to mine. I even had some furniture just chilling in my mind (luckily my friends would just sit on them, rather than throw it at me:))
Is there any way to induce HI without being particulary tired? Iv read about it and achieved it only when, as you said, very fatigued or waking up in the middle of the night and trying it out. But if you could do it in the middle of the day, during class, it could make for some wicked daydreaming!
Haha, I shouldv thought of that, but it seems that it never pops into my mind. No still havent gone through a mirror, though im really interested… I believe it has some pretty varied effects?

Pretty interesting experience of yours. This stage is typical for me when I am about to fall asleep but not yet sleeping (I can understand why it happened to you — after partying all night, you were too fatigued to maintain the position of assemblage point), you can repeat it: let go of your vision, stop controlling it, and start falling into sleep. You may catch the moment halfway down when eventually your vision will switch to your dreaming body, which I believe is the reason why these images seem so real. It would be interesting to hear back if you succeed.

That huge guy surely adds some flavor to the story. Did you look at him directly? What were his eyes like? Did he glow?

Hmmm, I’ll definately try that, I tend to expiriment alot before I go to sleep, but the mass of random thoughts going through my head tends to overpower it:/
Well I have alot of spare time tonight, I’ll hit the bed early and see if it works…

Yes I pretty much looked him straight in the eyes, but im useless for details, I feel like a trauma patient when I try remember specific details about him. He MAY have worn an orange shirt. A huge one of course :smile:
Definately not a happy chappy though.
The scariest thing for me is that it felt like he had power over me, not only power over my physical self (Restricting my throat), but also over my mental self, knowing exactly what I was thinking, and it seemed that He was the one who made it ‘NOT WORK’.
Thats just me rambling. You mentioned glowing eyes…? What is your hypothosis? :eh:

Yes, the thoughts you just can’t avoid. Moreover, what typically happens to me is that the internal dialogue immediately raises alarm and shatters the magic. It will help if you keep your mind busy with some monotonous activity (e.g. the trick that will work best: you look at the black screen with closed eyes, and make your mind pick on every random noise that happens there — like “what does this look like? is it a sausage? a spoon? a teapot? where does it fly? left? right?” — without interfering). It is very funny to watch how logical mind starts running in circles. Just don’t let your mind get overexcited, his task is simply to carefully watch what is happening on the interanl screen!

CroatianSpy, I’ve posted a dream in my journal which is very similar w.r.t. the overpowering presense. I guess your dream was about the same time, end of May. There is not much either you or me can do about that, but there seems to be a connection between your successes in dreams and attention from the “third parties”. I am a typical western male :smile: and I perceived it as a personification of my fears or whatever, but I’ve come to accept that we are not alone in the dreaming world, especially after I’ve had several joint dreaming experiences.

Ah, like passive viewing, im horrible at that:) Will try to master it though, any tips?? So you mean that bastard has been running around terrorizing people? I think we should start a movement to overcome these damned Dream-terrorists.
We can set a meeting point in a dream world, and challenge these overpowering presense. Itll be quite fun:D

CroatianSpy, it is hard to give tips because this is very individual… The previous tip was good for the right side but maybe you are left-sided. Try this: get an reference feeling in the dream. Next time you are lucid, remember the way you are looking at things is your dreams. Feel the power of your eyes with which you can move around the dreaming world, or change the scenery. The tricky bit is to feel the distinction between physical body eyesight and dreaming eyesight, once you experience it you will know what I mean. It is kind of an “inward look”.

Sorry if all this is misleading. I will do this purposefully to master it myself, you inspired me :smile: Will share experience, if you wish.

The definitions of both “getting to meet in the dream” and “dream terrorism” are quite different in the dreaming reality. You can try to get to that guy, though you should ask yourself what you expect from this meeting. It seems like he is native to that world and is capable of doing amazing things with your attention, or maybe that’s just my assumption.

But if the assumption is correct, that means you are right now thinking about becoming a terrorist yourself :tongue:

Thats an awesome tip, thank you! My brain cant seem to decide which side its on… Its just chilling on the fence in between. I know what you mean, that will take some practical experiance. Good thing its 1:30 am!
Itll be a fun thing to master, instead of picking up a car you can just look at it and toss it aside. I do seem to have more power with focus though, maybe this “inward look” would be an aptidude for me. What do you usually use to have an LD by the way? MILD seems to do the trick, have been losing touch of my goals lately though.
Ya let me know how it goes, you could do some interesting things :smile:

Haha I know, I ramble sometimes! A direct confrontation with him wouldnt end too well, or be very entertaining. “I knew you were going to say that”, “Im sorry? Are you trying to say something?” and “Dont even THINK about doing that” would be some likely dialouge. But the time will come, one day… :cool:

Hey, your not a terrorist if your fighting the baddie! :wink:

My dream started out pitch black, the only light really coming from the stairs light way in the background. Two people, my parents, stood at the top of the stairs having a conversation in hushed tones.

I woke up later, and looked out my door, strangely enough there my parents were, standing in the stairs light, at the top, having the same conversation as in my dream!

I pondered on this later and have come to the conclusion that it was a ESP dream, what do you guys think?


Haha, my cousin had a very similar dream, he dreampt that all the pots crashed down in the kitchen, and his mother swore loudy.
He suddenly woke up by the noise of pots crashing in the kitchen, and his mother swearing loudly.

We also thought it was ESP, though im not too clued up on that topic. Well just make sure you use your powers for good:D

I think more and more people have dreams like that, they just don’t admit it.