Dreams in space?

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Well, this could be associated with any topic, but I have to know…has anyone ever had dreams of planetary change from a perspective of space? I won’t go into detail, I’ll save it for my DJ, but last night I had a veeeeerrrryy long dream of our planet coming to close to the sun in orbit. We had to move from place to place, and it was very hot. Somehow, the remaining survivors steered the small chunk of Earth that was left into a moon, and started life over again. :neutral:

Now, I usually dream of things on this planet, but in this one I was definitely watching from third-person perspective. It was like I was in space watching it happen, but would sometimes be in my body as well.

I am reluctant to call it an OBE, but I have never had one, so I don’t know. It just seemed so REAL. I took B-6 for the first time, and that may have something to do with it…but this was intense. Like a nightmare, but not. And I rarely have nightmares.

So my question is has anyone else had dreams from space? I could feel the heat of the sun so strongly as we passed closer to it. It was like I was really there…

Unfortunately, it was not a LD, but may as well have been. If it had been, I may have gone insane! :tongue:

I have been in space in a few dreams, but this is different. I dont think youll need to worry about earth getting burned. I myself have had dreams of the future… I dont know if the dream was an OBE or not, if you ask me I would say an AP. I have to ask you, have you dreamed anything like this before or is this the first time?

Why do you think that you had gone insane if you were LD-ing? You could have pushed earth back to it’s correct orbit and saved millions of DC lives :content:.
Or you could have killed off the survivors if you prefer being the villain :smile:. Personally I would find it more fun to be the hero but then again it might get old pretty fast.

I have a lot of strange dreams, but indeed this was the first time of a space dream. I have many apocolyptic dreams though. Usually a reddish sky, charred earth, lack of people. But I always take the symbolism in regards to my life issues…I’ve become quite good at interpreting my own dreams! :cool:

If it was a LD, it would have been fun! But I surely would have to be the hero :grin:
We have enough villains in the world!

Yep, B-6 will do that when you take it for the first time. A couple of years ago I had a banana for the first time in months and I ended up writing about the trippy dream I had for two hours in my DJ when I woke up. (I’ll admit I procrastinate with writing, so maybe that was about an hour’s worth to “normal” people). :alien: Unfortunately, now that I eat bananas regularly, they don’t affect me as much as much as that one instance. Still, I have great dreams these days.

I’ve had a couple of crazy space dreams, but right now, off the top of my head, I can’t remember them too well. These days, if I write my dreams at all, I don’t do it in much detail , in part because it would take too long and in part, maybe because I have a feeling that the words can never truly capture the dream. I usually take vague notes to get a hold of the events from the dream, and to keep my dream recall acceptable.

But man, I might wanna get back into LDing. That was some great stuff.