Dreams inside of dreams

I have had dreams in which my DC has a dream. My DC often takes a different form than my RL form, yet my DC’s DC does not. Does anyone else have dreams inside of dreams? Anything interesting? Possible meanings?

P.S. I should just learn pacience and ask myself these things when I have my next LD. hehe…

when you say your DC do you mean your dream self?

if you are speaking of DC as yourself, then yes i have done so. i sometimes just go to sleep while dreaming and have what you might call a dream within the dream. sometimes i realize i’m dreaming through this…

Yes, I do mean my dream self. Apologies.
I almost became lucid when this happened. I am recognizing that what is happening around me is different than that in RL, yet I am not yet waking up but once. On the bright side, recognizing that things are different is a big step in my goal toward LDs.

Those “dream inside of a dream” experiences are called metadreams. Actually metadreams are all about just changing the dream by going to sleep inside of a dream. Now, when you “wake up” from this metadream, you have a FA and you’re back where you went to bed in the dream.

It’s funny tho when it happens, sometimes when I truly wakeup I have to do RC to ensure that I woke up :tongue:

Whoa :eh: , thats kind of intense, that’s alot of dreaming going on. I dont think i had this case before, but i barely have recall to begin with. How do you approach the DC’s dream? How does it start? I think its cool that your dreaming from a different perspective, even though its yourself to begin with :tongue: Lots of thoughts, lots :eek:

“How do you approach the DC’s dream? How does it start?” -Hubbs
Usually the same way I would approch a ‘normal’ dream. Somtimes the transition is not the same, like somtimes my dream self might just realize that it just had a dream, and would talk about it. One time, there was a DC who’s father lived in my dream self’s dream and the transisions were dufficult to decipher.

I never think about that, usually wheni dream I am the dream Ego. Every once and a while I’ll be someone else, but that barely happens. Im not fully sure what you mean, when your a different DC, you have dreams under there vision, or you just have dreams with people having a sceanario in life (like talking about a dream in a dream). I think i made this bigger then it seems :eh: :tongue:

I had a very strange dream a few months back.

It involved me being suspicious of my wife (in the dream, i have no wife) that she was having an affair. So i went out of the house(which i don’t own), hid behind my car(which i don’t have either), and waited for the guy to show up.

He did, and went in the house. I followed him but couldn’t find him anywhere. So i went out again and hid behind the car once more and saw him going out of his car again.

I said to myself, I wish i could be lucid, then i would show him.

But i didn’t. Instead i watched the guy looking at his hand and realising he was in a dream. I cursed him because i was the one who was supposed to be lucid.

It was strange having a DC becoming lucid instead of you, i didn’t remember anything more about the dream, so i’m guessing the bastard woke up.

I have had instances where I dreamt continuously all night and the entire time I was having one FA after another. Compounding the problem was that on this particular occasion my dreams took on a scary level of realism which I could not tell apart from RL. I thought I was awake, then I’d wake up into another level of the dream. If I want out of a dream, all I do is close my eyes and I wake up. I developed this method, and no matter what dream, using this method I have always been able to wake up from the dream. I am always lucid enough to realize to use this technique if something really scary happens.

I had one it was kinda of weird, It was like, a false awakening. The dream was about Jason Vs. Freddy some odd reason, and the first thing we killed Freddy right on the spot. Then after that, we had Jason terrorizing my house, and trying to kill us(I wont tell the entire dream) So i think we got Jason to calm down or run away, b/c he left us alone. I went to get more weapons just in case, and Freddy’s body was gone. I didnt know what to think, i was loosing the idea that i just dreamt that, and i gaining lucid. And once i opened the door, Freddy jumped out stabbed me, and Said " I can come in any of dreams, remember?"

Ive never actually…had a dream in a dream, but there have been times when I’ve had a dream (and I dont know about everyone else, but I usually have a dream and then immediately after I have another one) and when I have my second dream, I have run up to ppl telling them about this great dream I’ve just had, and explain it to them…why do I not realise that this is stupid while I’m actually in my dream?!

I’m not normal, I swear!

You know like when you’re lucid, you can do anything? Well when you dream you are dreaming, can you do the same?

I’m really confused, you know your dreaming, but somehow it doesnt click that you ARE dreaming…you’re just dreaming, you dont know youre dreaming youre dreaming…woah…ow, my head :help:

I once had a dream that me and my brother were being chased by this strange man and then while we are running up a hill, i suddenly shout out, hey, jon, its ok cos i can transport us anywhere, its a lucid ream, so we’re gonna be safe, and i try to transport us somewhere, this fails and the dream fades. That doesnt seem wierd, but what is wierd is that throughout this conversation, i am not actually lucid.

Also, the conversation in my signature is a dream, me and my mum were sat in a car, id just come out of a club, and it was about 3 in the morning, i looked up and it was daylight, i didnt understand, i became partly lucid, but my mum convinced me otherwise, and we went on to climb up a huge cliff and see a giggantic twirly upside down slide over the city centre, and my mum wanted to go on it!!!

Seems confusing to me as well, and I wrote it. However, to better explain myself, I would say that my ‘instincts’ were telling me that all things were not as they should be. Almost as if my subconscious knew that I was dreaming and I was either not accepting that fact or was unable to fully understand what my subconscious was telling me. Think of it as your friend yelling at you trough a paine of glass. You understand that they are trying to tell you somthing yet you do not realize what until the glass breaks, or you wake up.
If i do more RCs than perhaps I will be able to break the glass without waking, I have only done this a few times in my dreams.

Hey, I think writing about this made me have one, cos yesterday I had a dream that I was dreaming, I was with someone, and we were talking about being asleep, and we changed our tops, and I was going to fix something on her top, and so I told her to give me her top, cos I thought that when we woke up, I wouldn’t see her, but I’d have her top on, then I thought this was crazy, so we didn’t bother. We were talking about wanting to become Lucid, and then we both realised we were, so she went in this room where she went with other people when she became Lucid. I wanted to stay outside for a bit. I tried doing a Jutsu from Naruto, but realised I had lost Lucidity, so I tried to get in the room, but couldnt, I thought it must be because I wasn’t Lucid any more.
Thanks for letting me experience this guys. And now I DO know how to explain this.
When you have a normal dream, you have a ‘storyline’ right? Well, when you dream you’re dreaming the ‘dream’ is the storyline. I think that’s how it should be for all you guys right? Well that’s how it was for me.

Anyway, again THANKYOU!!!

I had a metadream today.

I remember going to the couch of my house
laying there and sleeping, I then was in a new
dream lucid but it was a strange kind of lucidity.
Not bad huh.

Thankyou all so very much…now I can’t stop having them!!!
Last night I dreamed I was at a festival and Mark Lemarr gave me a piece of cake lol, and then I was running away from a bear with a guy, and I juped off a cliff onto the furthest, tiniest island I could see, and thought, ooh, I’m dreaming, and I think I was kinda lucid, and when I was rubing my hands together to stabilise my self more, I kinda opened my eyes to see me actually rubbing my hands in bed…but I wasn’t actually awake, and then I thought, ooh I’ll go back to sleep, but I’ll do WILD, cos I know I can do it…I’ll try, and I did it (which annoyed me cos I really can’t do it in real life) and then I went back to the cliff part cos I thought it was fun…but it ended really fast, so I thought, ok I can’t let myself into the dream so soon after getting the HI so I did it again…and I was in a cafe, and I was going to ask the people in it to leave but then I thought, nah, I’ll clap my hands and they’ll all WANT toleave, and they did…then I woke up again, and there was a tub of ice cream on the bed, but I knew in the dream that I had a FA, so I started to eat the ice cream, but then I woke up and the icecream was actually there, and I was about to eat it but I thought, no this isn’t a dream any more, I’ll get done. And then…I DID actually wake up.

It really annoyed me that if I knew I was dreaming when I had the dream FA, cos I did a reality check thing, then why didn’t I know I was REALLY dreaming, cos I wasn’t even in my bedroom!!!
But these are really cool…and if I stop having them, I’m gonna blame you guys for that as well!!!

Ya. Sounds about right.
A movie I saw yesterday was about a guy going through this. It is called ‘Waking Life.’ It is an independent film about lucid dreaming, free will, and a lot of other philosophical stuff. The guy has a lot of dreams inside of dreams and FAs. It is a really thought provoking movie that I sugest.

Thanks fo the input all.