Dreams into words - complicated

I find it a bit hard to translate my dreams into words when I type them into my dream journal.
I mean, there are stuff that are really hard to put into words.
For example, when you tell your friend about a dream you had, it takes you ALOT of time to do it, there will be thousands of Ummms, and it’s just hard.
But a good translation is necessery for recall,
I have a Keyword DJ by bed, and if I read it at the end of the day, there are words that I just don’t remember why I wrote them.
That means that that specific word was a bad dream-words translation.

Hope it makes sense. :bored:

Well, naturally, you receive much more information inside the dream than you could ever receive with just words or images - things such as feelings and emotions, thoughts and their ilk.

One thing that might help you remember your dreams are drawing and sketches of whatever you see. I often find it helpful, especially when an object doesn’t exist IRL, or is too different to be explained by words.

Acctually, often I DO sketch in my DJ, and it does help,
but what if it’s unsketchable or if I want to explain it in my online DJ?

Well, you can scan sketches or whatever if it really helps you - online DJs are, however, limited.

You could try and search for better words - maybe if you think of a few synonyms for each words, you might find one you don’t usually use very fitting.

Another idea is to write whatever comes into mind, without filtering it - and later uploading only the things that have any meaning and that you think are important.

Writing is a difficult task in itself - to translate anything into words, especially dreams.

I like to write very much, and my DJ is great daily pratice. I feel I’ve reached a stage (both in keeping a DJ and in writing) where I can translate my dream memories pretty well (as far as it goes) into a narrative.

I definitly know what you mean. I like to keep my cellphone next to my bed, and I use it to create a keyword DJ as you do (much easier than having all the trouble to get a notebook/sheet of paper, pen, sitting in the right position to write in, etc…).

But I must say I disagree with whose fault this is. I don’t think the problem is in the writing itself - I guess the main problem here is that dreams are awfully hard to remember. Damn, it’s hard to remember them even when you’ve just woke up, and as time goes by it gets exponentially more difficult.

I don’t think you forget why you’ve wrote the words because writing isn’t a proper way to represent dreams. I think you forget them because you forgot the dream itself - maybe this little detail you didn’t write much about, or a feeling you had. Maybe if you took the time to write keywords and all of the dream itself upon awakening ([size=75]which I’m not suggesting you do, it’s just a hypothesis[/size]), then maybe at night it would all make sense.

At least, that’s the way I feel when I can’t see why some of the keywords are there on my cell. I’m sorry if the post is hard to understand, I’m a bit hazy this morning… I has to read it twice myself to understand :spinning:

Althought I pretty manage to remember most dreams of mine in terms of sensorial experience,
I do have those too, made up of mostly thoughts and emotions (like when I fall asleep while meditating), very difficult to recall. So, I just let go, knowing that I would only strain it and ruin it, and it either comes to me later (if it’s made up of some visual parts) or I start thinking about new stuff during some part of the day and write it down, knowing that most part of thought processing was made elsewhere ^^
But for night dreams, most do have sensorial components, and a continous plot, you just have to be sure of it and remember as much as you can :smile: