Dreams Keep fading

I have no problems acheiving a lucid dream and have atleast 5 a week, but my lucid dreams always fade whenever i try to do something major. I have no problems maintaining lucidity but whenever i fly or communicate or interact with things my dream just slowly slips away, turns black and i end up just waking up. Could this just be that i need more practice at lucid dreaming and staying in the dream?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:

Perhaps you need to stabilize your dream before doing anything. Two good ways to do this are dream spinning and rubbing your hands together :smile:

Also, if it has happened a few times, it’s possible that you subconsciously create expectations that it will also happen the next time. Apart from the stabilization techniques, you can also for instance do some autosuggestion or selfhypnosis techniques to persuade yourself that it won’t happen again the next time you become lucid and try to fly or communicate. Really believe, KNOW that it won’t happen again.

I’ve just recently had my first LD using MILD and i had the same problem (my dream faded). I tried to rub my hands to stop it but it just completely went.

Yeh, im the same. Ive had about 3 LD’s and they all faded when i rubbed my hands together…

Dammit…I hope i have one tonight.

Surprising! Generally speaking, the opposite occurs. Your dream fades, you rub your hands and the dream appears again… :eh: You perhaps could try the spinning trick, if rubbing your hands doesn’t work.

My LD’s always fade a few seconds after I finally get them. I’ve tried spinning and falling, but that hasn’t seemed to help. Maybe I’ll try rubbing my hands together next time.

You should try to look at your hands too. It works for some people as a prolonging technique.

If I have an LD by waking up while dreaming, they are always very strong and I only wake up after a relativaly long time, or if I choose to exit. Although, I often have this fading problem when entering a lucid dream from a waking state; a dream will start to appear in front of me, but then i will suddenly notice it consciously and it will fade away into blackness.

Well, if your dream starts fading and you are aware of it, you could try being more aware of the visual input while it is still there. Simply put, look at stuff. If you lose your visuals, fall back to the next sense, usually the sense of touch. So if everything goes pich black, drop to the ground and fondle it! I’m not kidding.