Dreams of dreams

Last night I had a dream and I think it was lucid but I don’t know. It could have been a dream of a dream :-P.

What is the best way to tell if you are dreaming about a dream?

I dunno about the dream within a dream… but I do know that if you have something set to do before you go lucid (like spinning) and you remeber doing htat then you know it is a lucid dream.

I always thought that to be certain your Lucid Dreaming would be to do something that you DIDNT think of while awake… Cause maybe your just having a dream about that thing… But when you become lucid ussually things will become very clear… Thats a pretty sure way to tell that its a lucid dream… If that isnt a lucid dream, then oh well, you found a way to make dreams clearer at least…

In my opinion, you there is absolutely no way of telling wether you was lucid or not, but by simply knowing it.
There aren´t any tests or stuff like that, everything you can do in a LD you could do in a ND as well.The only thing that matters is the feeling…
If your counciousness has more control than your subcounciousness, you are lucid.

Sometimes, especially if you got bad dream recall, it is difficult to decide wether you was low-lucid or not lucid at all, but when you have a high-lucid dream you´ll know that you are lucid, that´s for sure.