Dreams of the heart chakra

I had a dream last night wherein I was sitting in a science class. The only person I remember being in the class with me was my girl friend; the class was full though. The professor, played by my real life Drawing professor, Prof. Ubans, was giving some sort of scientific lecture I think.

He said that he had a demonstration and went across the hall into a smaller classroom. I was the only one that followed him. He drew an apple on the board in full color. It was perfect with the reds and greens and I copied it inot my notebook using colored pencils as best I could. He said, “Now in order to do this you need to have first seen the heart chakra.” I asked him how you see it and he said it was a bit tricky. I said, “does it have something to do with leaving your eyes unfocused?” Then I woke up.

Can you actually see chakras? Are they visible as part of the aura and has anyone here learned to see the aura? I wonder if my lesson will continue again once I’ve seen the chakra… :content:

You can see your chakras. When you are meditating just visualize them on your body and see what color it is without trying to manipulate anything.

chakras? aura? please…

Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t believe all that new age shit altho I’m kinda into zen buddhism and I know theres somekinda scientific names for all “chakra” points or something.

Hate me if you wish to

I don’t believe in them either, apart from third eye, which is actually a gland that is sensitive to light. The gland also increases awareness. They don’t know exactly what it is though, thats why its called the third eye. Its not New Age, a lot of us here (like me) don’t believe in New Age stuff either, the chakras are for meditation and relaxation too which helps dream recall and focus when trying to get lucid dreams. I don’t use them, but I think they could work for some people.

From what I’ve read, only certain gifted people can actually see them while awake. There is however a method to see a little bit of your aura. You’re supposed to put your hand (or any body part, preferably bare skin) against a white shadowless background, and by paying attention to your peripheral vision (the only part of your eye that has less damage due to light exposure, thus more sensitive) you are supposed to stare without moving your eyes at all. -There is a problem with this however. Your eyes become tired if they don’t observe any kind of movement or action, and this causes strange outlines and color distortions. You can easily misinterpret this as auras (as all objects are supposed to have a little aura like I’ve heard somewhere).

I’ve been focusing on my third eye and I sometimes get a tingling feeling directly in that spot. I make sure my face is completely relaxed so it isn’t caused by muscles or anything. In a LD I also had a real third eye in the middle as I looked in the mirror, which was very strange and possibly symbolic.

It’s getting quite annoying reading about chakras, energy systems, astral projections, chi and that PSI stuff without every having any kind of personal experience in either.

Yes Pilot…your right…
Those can only be experienced when u are born with a certain talent for it…like only a few of the meditating practising ppl ever get it to zen master level and even less get it to yogi level…

If u give 1000 ppl a brush and paint…will they all be Van goghs or Rembrandts?
Its not fair…but talent is a rare thing!
And that counts for all things we ppl do…from painting to selfawareness…from music to playing football…
If u give us all an advanced calculator it wont make an Einstein from most of us…u got it (talent,)or not, unfair yes! But reality!

:scream: I want more talent (mantra 4 the stupid)
:scream: I want more talent
:scream: I want more talent and my MTV

Im not sure I believe that only a “lucky” or chosen few can do it. If one human can chances are the capability is within us all. We are really not made that differently. Although, Im not sure I believe in OBEs, chakras etc either… I do have an open mind and am willing to seek my own answers without pat denial.

It seems logical to me, however, to think that since we do have an energetic field surrounding us that chakras may be centers of energetic activity. I dunno… jury’s still out for me. I will not accept or deny anything right out of hand. To do so is ignorant.

I didnt mean a lucky few Lostboy…I mean layers of talents…
so we will never all have the same talent…so not black and white like a group of few talented and the rest is untalented but layers of talent, like
like ppl that have great talent…ppl that have talent…ppl that have so much talent…ppl that have really not much talent…layers…
Many things in nature are like the gauss currve from math…
The gauss curve from math says that 70 % of the ppl have an average IQ…and 15 % are below that and 15 % of the ppl have a gifted or higher IQ…and ofcourse in those 3 groups u have layers again…
Thats the same probably 4 all talents…
Thats why i said give all ppl a pencil or a paint brush and some paint…they will not become all van goghs or rembrandts…in fact u get to c here those talent layers again…from not gifted to very gifted and all in between…but most ppl will always belong to the group of average talent…
and only a small group will belong to the very talented or untalented…
Thats the gauss curve again…70 % have average talent…
And what I also say is that if u belong to the small group of untalented ppl…practising will help yes! But it will not get u to the small group of high talented ppl…
Or in fact we would claim that we all can reach in everything a high talent…
and that we all share the same talent for everything…well if so then a Van gogh painting or a Rembrandt would be worth nothing because we all could do it…same with an Einstein or a Hawkings…or we all become good paid number one footballplayers…etc
So if u use this at lucid dreaming then 70% will have an average talent and 15 % are very talented…would mean that 85 % little more or less can in fact lucid dream, but 15 % will not or will have a very hard time to get them…
Its not if we can change or not…but how much we can change or not…and what level u start from…look for IQ levels for us ppl u will find the gauss curve there again like i told…we are not all at the same level…and about 70% is always average…

I understand what you mean, Jeff. As we exist/think/believe now, that layering of talents is a reality.

Just for the sake of philosophizing, however, suppose that everyone really was capable, if not naturally, by practicing and study, to paint as well as Rembrant. Do you really think this lessens the worth of Rembrandt’s paintings? Does the rarity of a work make it worth more or less? After all, every child is beautiful and a complete miracle. Because there are a millions of children in the world, one singular child is not any less special or worth any less.
I contend that if everyone could be such a painter/physicist/whatever the focus of whats important would shift. The deeds would be no less important… just important in a different way. Maybe a Rembrant painting would not sell for as much but that doesn’t necessarily mean that his unique view would not be important or beautiful.

I realize this is not really in click with the original topic but, hey, I started it and its interesting to see where the conversation goes. :content:

Yes Lostboy, I agree with u here :happy:

Why i said what I did is also because else some ppl with not much talent to c aura’s or for lucid dreaming think its only practising they have to do and presto!..Like here in holland we have much new age classes for even being invisible or being a telepathic…And u have to pay much money 4 it to…If ppl know that talent cant be bought these frauds would be less around here…and ppl are not given so much hope.

Btw what most ppl dont know is that talented ppl who can experience things like chi or aura or chakras have low waves when they are awake…like theta and delta waves (brain waves)
If ppl have only beta waves and a bit alpha waves it is mostly imagination of them…to experience something…just they want to very bad…
I know from my own experiments with neurotransmitters and brain waves and meditation, that serotonin, melatonin and dmt levels in the brain play a very important role in these low brain waves and experience things like chakra or aura or chi…

:smile: greetings,


Invisible? LOL! That would be neat, especially when dealing with tax officers, Jehova’s Witnesses, and People Who Could Otherwise See Your Aura And Know You Will Be That Idiot Who Will Pay Many Bucks For Their “Learn-To-Levitate-In-24-Hours”-Course.


On a more serious note, almost all cases of “paranormal experiences” (if they happen) only happen involuntary so even if you have “talent” you will probably not be able to have them on command. Maybe if you learn to master your brainwaves by many years of meditation and/or biofeedback you will have some chance that this will happen to you but this is a work of MANY years. Serious parapsychologists (yes, they exist) acknowledge these difficulties. The saddest thing would be to be frustrated with the fact you don’t have such talents, IMHO quality of life doesn’t stand or fall with having or missing that kind of powers.

Hate to argue, but chakra meditation has been around for more than 2000 years. If this is new age, then tell me please what ‘old age’ is. Why should science even rename something that has been discovered a long time ago. If you are not farmiliar with chakra meditation, please do not comment on it.

Well the “old” age folks actually DID try to explain something that was going around in their body, they developed theories about chakras as a way of explaining the reality as they experienced it. Today it has a lot of “esoteric” appeal to talk about those chakras but in that time there was nothing esoteric about it. They meditated with spine erect, they experienced all kinds of funky stuff that seemed to be associated with an expanded awareness and with the concepts they had at that time they developed this chakra theory. The value of this discovery cannot be underestimated since they were theorizing about the nervous system while we in the West didn’t even have a clue about what that grey substance in our head was all about.

But old age is old age and during the last century the West has seen big discoveries concerning the nervous system. So instead of keeping that artificial distinction between “old” and “new” age we better take a look at how both perspectives interact and overlap. And yes, modern science can explain much of the chakra stuff with contemporary concepts. Some say old wine in new bags but this is not exactly true since the concepts of science are much more precise and much less mystifying than the old concepts. They bring us closer to explaining reality as it is, though we still have a lot of work to do. If you know that the “brow chakra” or 'third eye" is the same as the pituitary gland, or the “navel chakra” is the same as the adrenal glands, then you can connect this to all the existing scientific knowledge about these glands. Which (in my humble opinion) opens more perspectives than esoteric talk about a mystical white light. Then you can find scientific explanations for the fact that sitting in a meditation position with back erect (and functioning with back erect in general) seems to improve health, energy, focus and so on over time.

Check out for an overview:

OK now we are coming to what I think is Jeff’s point (Jeff please correct me if I’m wrong :wink: ). By connecting old to new knowledge we also see why people differ in terms of talent (though they all can improve skills by practice and discipline): everyone has a different body. This is a constraining reality which makes some of us more talented than others. If you only rely on the old mystical concepts you could easily delude yourself by supposing you can become a super yogi just by some visualisation. And there is no compassionate zen master to kick you in the ass and wake you up.

Can you really delude yourself like that? That’s pretty sad :bored:.

More importantly, I agree that scientific discovery on this is a good thing. Heck, I know people that wouldn’t try it until I told them there was scientific merit in this. That was not my point. I was more saying that just because we have new knowledge, doesn’t mean that we should forget the old. Chakras, or glands, they still work the same when you meditate. The effects are still the same. I just don’t want anyone to think that somehow we are doing something new.

Perhaps what they are and if they exist isn’t relevant. Its wheat they are used to help us with. A chakra could be a point of energy or a gland or not exist at all, but using it as a focous during meditation still works, right?