Dreams replaying and rewinding....??

Last night I was having a dream about school. I was sitting on this green bench seat with some of my friends. Suddenly a teacher comes and starts telling us off. Then after this happens the dream repeats itself. At the end it started rwinding and playing just the telling off part before I woke up. :neutral: This isnt the first time its happened, actually it happens quite alot but I usually just ignore it or I wouldnt really notice it. It happened in my old hag experience too. It rewinded partially like a film and played itself again. The old hag would be coming towards me and it would rewind so she was standing in the doorway again. :eh:
Does this happen to anyone else and does anyone know what causes this or what it is? :confused: :confused:

I have actually had that in a dream before. I kept dieing in game, but it respawned me back where I was (as though i was being rewinded). I kept trying to do the level.

do you generaly try to over analyze things or dwell on things often? thats what I’m seeing but i may be wrong.

Could you be more specific? What do mean, are you asking if i generally over analyze or dwell on things in dreams or real life?
If you are meaning in dreams,maybe. Im not to sure really…