Dreams too real?


How am I supposed to spot that I’m in a dream when everything is just so realistic there? My dreams always take place on Earth, in my geographical conditions (regarding weather and such) and the themes are pretty normal (yes, being a monk in a monastery isn’t exactly what happens everyday, but it’s still more sane than fighting huge snails wearing socks…). Not only the themes and location, even the colors and sounds are very vivid.

Now get lucid in THAT. I guess I’m just too logical person.
Any tips? Thanks. :content:

Hey TAR.

My dreams look very realistic as well, and still, I can get LDs.

To get lucid it’s more important to do RCs in the right way and have your mind habits to reach high lucidity than being in a unrealistic scenario.

If you can’t notice you are dreaming in a realistic scenario, you might still don’t notice it in a very unusual dream.

Like a dream-smart fello once said in an awesome movie,
Dreams can be odd, and we won’t notice because we don’t question what happens in dreams. The only way to notice it is to have done reality checks, use binaural beats or train yourself for so long and so well that you always notice. :smile:

hey TAR, most of the time, my dreams are very realistic too ! I’m either at school walking in a hallway or just chillin’ at home ! But you see, last night I almost went lucid when I saw my clock showing the wrong time.
Really, don’t worry about it, Even the simpliest details can get you lucid, Also, techniques such as MILD and WILD do not require an unrealistic dream to work. :razz:

Even when people have unrealistic dreams, in the dream it seems realistic. Regardless of what kind of dream you have, you can become lucid.

Trust me, unrealistic dreams have little to do with getting lucid. I have some really crazy dreams sometimes and statisticly, I get lucid much more often in my “normal” dreams.

I think everyone above me has said everything already :happy: Good luck

Tar, if your dreams are so realistic, what’s to say you aren’t dreaming right now?
I mean… c’mon, you conveniently find a lucid dreaming website that will help you control your dreams? You sir, need to become more aware of your surroundings.

Not true. You can become lucid in every dream, it is either just a coincidence or its different here. But most of the times I get lucid in dreams that aren’t to real nor too bizzare.

I was just talking about my personal experience :wink: and saying that just because a dream is too real doesn’t mean you can’t get lucid in it, in the same way that just because a dream is very bizarre it doesn’t mean you’ll get lucid simply because it’s very bizarre.

Although, true, if you usually have very realistic dreams and suddenly start having very bizarre ones, it might be easier to get lucid. But one tends to question the bizarreness of dreams little if not practicing RC’s and becoming more aware.