Dream's weirdness

My question is simple.Maybe someone opened this topic before and it answered , but I wasn’t able to find it.Anyways , here I ask : Why in our dreams things not happening like IRL ? Why clocks showing strange numbers ? Why we have six fingers ? Why a text has strange languages etc. ? Maybe it has a simple explanation but I just don’t know.

People say : “Things happening in our dreams , came from our SC.Our SC’ storage is our WL.”

So we see everything normal in our WL.Why our SC makes things weird and complicated.Is it because we see the difference in reality and dreams ? Or something else ?

I think the simple answer is that while we are sleeping, the area of our brain which is responsible for logical thinking is usually shut down. The SC works a lot with emotions rather than with anything else, so maybe it’s just not able to produce anything logical on its own?

Thank you Leijona.I think it’s the best explanation…

I’ve read that but I think that’s mostly because it’s a dream and everything is possible. Say you are novice dreamer and you don’t know a thing about that and I say to you when you are in a dream check your hands they will look weird!

You do that and they will look weird. We all know that dreams are very much what are our expectations in WL. So if you expect that your hands will look weird in a dream they will. It doesn’t have to be a rule, I believe it’s just an expectation that was made by someones influence or teachings!

That is proved by some people that can read in a dream and I think that’s because they know and believe they can…

In your next lucid dream try to see your hands and make them normal looking! :content:

I’ve actually done that.When I realized I’m dreaming , I looked my hands and both of them was five fingers , nothing weird.I didn’t expect it.I’ve actually believed that I would see six fingers , but I saw in normal way.
Thing that I don’t understand we see things normal in our WL.Our SC or whatever controls our NDs why makes it weird ? Where does it find this things ? Because actually we don’t see in our WL.For example we don’t see clocks work weird in WL or people has five fingers mostly.Where is the storage that holds and shows these weird stuffs ? What is the source ? I’m wondering those…

Yeah, welcome to the club! There are many things not explain about dreams and I think those things you described are one of those things.

There are many theories out there on how and why but even scientist don’t know everything…

I always find it fascinating how weird and unbelievable things happen in dreams and i just take them as “perfectly normal”. If i would see a fraction of that in WL i’d start to wonder if i’m dreaming.