dreams while conscious?

Ok so I was sitting in class and the teacher was talking about stuff I already knew, so naturally, I put my head down on my desk. Almost immediately, I started to dream. It was weird because I wasnt truly asleep. I could still hear my teacher (who was going over angles) and I was also aware of my classmate txting in class; while at the same time, I was fully living in the dream (if that makes sense). I forgot to mention that I was dreaming I was in a room with just a fan that seemed to be pulling my arm toward it. I was so into the dream, that when my arm hit the fan my arm actually jumped.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Sounds like HI, and a hypnogogic jerk… sorry I’ll try and respond tomorrow on what those things are.

Ok, thanks

gnargnar might be right. I’ve had dreams where im still not asleep. Usually its about walking and tripping over something. I jerk and wake up. But did you had that fan dream during class or was this another case?

It was the one during class…

I do this all the time. I don’t think it’s a real dream, since this happens in the middle of the day, so it wouldn’t be REM sleep. If you’re really tired, maybe HI seems more dream-like. It’s cool, because sometimes it isn’t even images, it is just ideas. I will be in class, and then I start to fall asleep, and I’ll wake up abruptly (HI jerk) but I will have an idea in my head or have an extremely vague idea of what HI I just had.

When i got to my bed a couple of years ago, And from
the moment i laid my head in my pillow, u saw à rabbit right in front of me, while lying om the forest flOor. (fully awake & eyes open) . The weird thing is that all the colours were like à 3D picture’s, without using 3D glasses And all. So i thought like, Wtf brain, i aint sleeping yet?! And at that mOment it stopped