Dreams within dreams.

Lol that always stinks.

I usually have FAs, that’s all. It starts with nightmares then I awake in a near-to-reality dream before finding out weird bugs all around me. I wonder if it would make a big difference if you plunge into a dream in the dream :eh:

Maybe it is possible to have a Dream within a Dream. But I think would be a little hard to fall sleep in a Lucid Dream.

But maybe if we create a Machine (like from inception) and we expect that when we press the button, we will get in another Lucid Dream or Scene, using the Law Of Expectation!

YES I THINK IT IS POSSIBLE! I will try a fill times!

OBS.: Do NOT confuse Dream within a Dream with False Awakes!

In my last LD i fainted, and i woke up to a FA, then i used DEILD to reenter my dream.
This happened several times during the dream, and i hope i learned this technique through this dream :smile: (improbable, but i’ll try)