Dreams within dreams.

What I want you to do, yes YOU! (If you want to). Is fall asleep during a LD…I’m curious as to what will actually happen and if it’s even possible.

Personally i’ve only had 1 LD myself, so I thought i’d ask someone with a little more experience. If this has already been done can someone please link me so I can read up on this? Thank you.
(Believe it or not, I did not think of this cause of Inception.)

Well, it’s not that much different from a regular dream. It’s probable that the first dream just interrupts while the second dream plays out, though it seems rare that the dream would be stable enough to support this without shifting. Also, family lore says that anything that happens inside of a dream within a dream will come true, but that seems unlikely, at least if taken literally.

Hmm… I can’t wait to try it out though. As soon as I get my second LD :smile:

Hmm is it similar to this … When you have a FA false awakening. Does It mean you were in a dream inside a dream?? Coz you wake up from a dream and then you continue dreaming. :confused:

According to most of the people I’ve heard talk about these you have to both go to sleep in the dream and wake up in the dream. I suppose it is a matter of opinion, though.

Usually i’ll be forced to wake up in a dream or die or have something very violent happen (within a dream) and when i wake up ill be a completely different setting from the last dream that i cannot remember from any previous dream so ibelieve its a completely second dream.

I’ve fallen asleep in an ND, and became lucid in the dream-dream. I’ve never fallen asleep in an LD, though.

same here unseen… in fact it was my only [LD] thusfar that i remember anyway. it came when i first began trying to become lucid and was telling my friends about the dreams i remembered alot. then one night in a dream i began telling my sister about a dream i had just had and closed my eyes to suddenly begin dreaming. i remember telling my sister what i was seeing in my dream as it happened all the while still asleep :eek:

I went to sleep in a LD, and immediately went to a FA…don’t remembering “dreaming” within this at all. though there was a lapse in conscoiusness because in the FA I didn’t remember that I was previously lucid (most FA’s from LDs I am aware that I was previously lucid)

Already done this :razz: it was an LD and I was along a railroad and went asleep, the LD in an LD was very lucid and I did lucid stuff :tongue:

Lol. You sound so happy :razz:

Yesterday I actually did WILD while in the dream. It was a strange experience… It only took like 5 seconds of WILD to get into the LD… which is not normal in RL. The problem was that the LD was VERY low level. Everything was blurred and I just wasn’t able to make it better… it only lasted like for 3 minutes.

last time I had a dream in a dream, I went from a ND to a LD. It was really fun and vivid… but it definately wasn’t counted as one of my “great” LDs under my LD count…

Be careful what u wish for. About 3 years ago i had the worst nightmare of my life. It was definitely NOT a lucid dream because i felt totally out of control, but at the same time i knew i was dreaming…sort of. I remember I was asleep and I kept having these insane, vivid, nightmares. It felt like i would wake up ablout every half-hour in total fear. This kept happening maybe six or seven times, all different nightmares. Finally i got up out of bed and went into my roomates bedroom. I was begging him and his girlfriend to stay up with me and keep me awake because i couldn’t take any more of these nightmares. It turnes out…I was still dreaming!! I didn’t realize this until i woke up and apologized for storming in their bedroom in the middle of the night. They had no idea what I was talking about. Freakin’ Crazy!!

lol that’s hillarious :tongue:

PS- Welcome! :colgate:

Thanks! This stuff is so interesting. Ever since that dream i’ve been fascinated by the subject.

I made a topic about the “levels” of lucidity, that I hope you’d find useful or interesting:
[Lucid Levels and Axes)

Yeah, our minds are way too complex to draw a clear line between lucid and nonlucid, methinks.

I have also wondered this…In my best LD I had 3 LDs in one dream! :grin: I was lucid, then had a FA, realized I was dreaming and became lucid, then did it again! My question on this question is do you gain more dream time if you enter another dream level??? :confused: :help: If any experienced Lucid Dreamers try this experiment and notice the time (somehow) PLEASE pm me! :wink:

I was awoken (IRL) and died in one dream by accident and woke up into another one, where there was this massive earthquake. Some people muttered something about realizing I was awake and I caught on to the fact that I was dreaming. At the same time I knew my father was waking me up so I tried to fall back to sleep and go down as many dream “layers” as possible to make my lucid time seem longer. Then the lady dropped me and I had to go to school. Damn.