Dreams you aren't in

Lately I’ve been having dreams that I’m not in, like I’m just watching some sort of Dream TV. I dunno. Maybe I just can’t remember enough, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t in them.

Anyone else experience this?

I have experienced that many times. It is a good dreamsign! :smile:
I didn’t manage to get lucid through it (yet)… :blush:

But maybe you can!

I’ve experienced it too. even remembered a big chunk of the dream.

I get the same type of dream sometimes. Often my dreams start off with me watching something happening, and then I become one of the characters that I was watching.

Yes I have had a couple of dreams like that as well… Usually when I use to dream solely about a friend of mine and a girl he met

I’ve had these type of dreams a lot. I oftened wondered why I wouldn’t be in them if they were “my” dreams.

I have movie-like dreams all the time! Like Sleepyhead said, sometimes I switch to one of the characters too. I personally like the ones where I’m in the center of the action though. :cool:

My dreams are usually like this once and I really dislike that. It takes a lot out of dreaming for me. I would rather be in them than just watching them.

I can’t remember a dream that i didn’t feel like i was apart of. I usually don’t see myself in them. If by not being in the dream you mean that you don’t interact with things then this happens quite a lot to me. But if it is just a feeling that you have in the dreams then i don’t think i have ever had one of those dreams

No, I am always in my dreams, taking part in the action. I’ve had a couple of brief third-person scenes, but they never lasted long and always ended up coming back to me in the end. :content:

I’ve had dreams of all styles. In some dreams I am other people, but still seem to have my personality.

In one dream I remember being someone else and I was even in the dream.

Dreams where I am not in them aren’t common, but I have had some.

A lot of people here have had experiences with 3rd person dreams (Myself being one of them) I’ve seen many other threads with that topic.

ON A SIDE NOTE: This is my 100th Post :partying_face:

maybe we are watching other peoples dreams?

Could it be that when you switch to 3rd person view you want to experience from a different perspective what is ocurring at the moment? :eh:
Most of my dreams are 1st person view, in other words im mostly myself and rarely other character. Another thing is that when you are 3rd person view you are not really part of the meaning in the dream or something.