Can it be possible that I cant lucid dream.

No. It just takes various amount of practice and patience for different people. You most likely won’t experience it right away if you haven’t already. Give it some time, but be persistent. Do a lot of reality checks (think about it when doing it, don’t go through just the motions!).

Question the reality every now and then.

If you want a timeframe, then it took me 1 year to get my first lucid dream. It can take longer, it can take less time. Don’t let frustration overcome you. If it does, take a break from trying.

Just like what Fate said, it is possible for everyone to achieve lucidity in their dreams. It should require a lot of patience.

Try doing a reality check every time you complete a certain task, like every time you go through a doorway.

Try to focus on a certain technique for a few months.

If you feel that you are working to hard, take a break for a while.

I think it’s possible for EVERYONE to learn. It’s a skill of course. I have found that staying consistent with intention to LC and with the reality checks will get you there, but it does take some time. YMMV, though.

I had a similar experience but it took a few weeks of trying. I was really annoyed at what I thought was a lack of progress, so I stopped trying. That night, I had my first LD.

As I said, your mileage may vary. Keep trying, you WILL get it! :smile:

I have tried it for 3 months without succeeding but later on I had one short LD, so keep it up you will eventually have one. I am still trying, so keep it up!

Keep practicing is the main key for success.

You should also try to wake up at night since you will remember more dreams and be able to try more techniques.

you need to continuous with the techniques because its a slow process so wait for it…