So I am curious about dreamscapes/dreamworlds. They seem very cool and interesting, and are something that I would be very interested in…I just have a few questions.

I know what they are, but I don’t understand how to get one, or what processes I have to follow to make one. Does it just appear in your dreams? Or do you design it? Can I make one now? Or should I wait until I’m having better LDs?

I figure if I start now, wouldn’t that improve my chances of lucid dreams? I mean, what if I pop up there in one of my NDs? (That would be cool :tongue: )


Yes :happy:

You can if you want, but it takes a lot of practice :happy:

Yes :happy: If you want to, you should be able to.

It all depends. It’s sure possible :happy: But of course it might be harder. At the same time, the more you practice and experiment, the easier it will become :grin:

That’s a really good point. If you get good at it and expand your “dreamworld”, it is quite possible that you can come to recognise the dreamscapes. For me, my dreamscapes that I create always show up in my NDs, I just never thought of using that as a dreamsign before :tongue:

In my eyes ‘dreamscape’ just means the environment in a dream. So every dream you have, ND or LD is in a dreamscape… wether that is a room, a building, a park or a forrest etc.
So if you have a LD you could shape your surroundings and make your own. You could also design one when awake and in a LD teleport to that or morph your surroundings into that… but personally I find that the dreamscapes my mind comes up with on its own in a dream are much more original than the ones I can design when awake.

What I usually do though is go back to old dreamscapes from NDs in a LD and work on perfecting them (in NDs, dreamscapes are often unreliable and have several problems).

I’m not sure about other people, but I’ve never had a dreamscape appear that I designed in real life. On that note, a lot of my dreamscapes are real life places that I’ve been exaggerated strongly. I used to have lucid dreams that took place on a greatly expanded college campus, others inside huge shopping malls, etc.

I’m still yet to get lost, so it must be created from some sort of design.