Dreamscene instability and daydream/dream comparison

I have two questions. More of a “is my situation similar to yours?/does anyone else experience this?” kind of thing.

Whenever I’m lucid, the scene/area/location I’m in sometimes changes without warning. For example, I’ll be walking down a road at night and then I’ll be walking up the side of a building. Just like that–no transition. Is this the case for anyone else?

Also, sometimes I’ll be dreaming and I think ‘half-wake up,’ but I continue the dream in my head. When I really awake, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish which half of the dream was an actual dream and which half was a daydream. In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s a daydream. Can you awake from a dreams subtly and just ‘know’ you were dreaming? Is that possible?

Mmm… Well, I do remember that when i was just starting out, that the scenes were all rather… unstable.
For me though, the room warped in size, and once I faded into a blur of colours-- But I’ve never just randomly skipped scenes and scenery before O-o;

As for the half-wake thing… I think that if you just wake up (mostly) for a moment, then fall back into sleeping… you sort of realize that it was a dream (but not enough to go lucid, for me most times… It just hangs around in the back of my head).
I’ve also had dreams where I knew I was going to wake soon-- so I tried to finish the business in the dream before I woke (without going lucid XD).
But… yeah, I think I have woken up part-way from a dream, and then mostly realized that it was a dream.
So I suppose it’s possible?

Eep. that was rather… incoherent @___a Sorry!