Dreamsigns - old houses?

I’ve read that a common dreamsign is old houses and I said hey, I dream about old houses, but then I said wait, does that mean old houses as in actual “old houses” or places where a person used to live, as in their old house/home? Then one day my boyfriend told me he also dreams about old houses. Does anyone else here have this dreamsign and does anyone know what this represents or is it different for everyone? I would think that if it’s a common dreamsign that there also has to be a common meaning. Thanks.

it’s common for me to dream of old houses, and houses that I once lived in. So they are both common dream signs for me. :smile:

I too have dreamed about places I used to live or visit often although they are often distorted in some way.

i dream about old places i’ve lived in quite a bit actually, so its also a dreamsign for me…

I don’t actually recall ever dreaming about a past residence, just old houses in general. They’re relatively large houses, usually two-story places. When I do dream about a current residence, it’s not my actual residence…in my dreams things are never quite the way they are IRL. I guess this is true for nearly everyone?

I dream very often about my childhood home. I have not counted my dream signs yet, but i bet it is somewhere in top 5, if not top #1 dream sign for me.

I’m planning now to use my childhood home as a dreamscape where i habitually live during LD’s. I want to walk with my dog in forests and chat with him (IRL he is dead). I want to talk with my father and remember things we used to do when i was a kid (he is also dead IRL). I plan to build some stuff into the garden to make this place even more as dream home for me.

Well, those all are just plans. In my last dream that turned into lucid i realized that i’m dreaming in my childhood town (also very frequent dream sign), but even if i hurried to my home, i woke up before i could reach it :eh:

I think that the places we used to live have some permanent impact to our emotions, and memories. This is why we see them so often in our dreams. And this is why they can be good for dream signs. “If i see this house in my dream i know that this is a dream” :smile:

both is the case for me aswell.

I don’t dream that much about old houses (as in houses built a long time ago), but it has happened.

As for previous residences, I dream about them a lot. Recently, I moved house, and I find myself having dreams where the two houses combine: for example, I enter this one, it be becomes the old one, then it becomes this one again (but with differences).

When I lived in my last house, I did dream quite often about houses I’d lived in before, but only the ones in this country, for some reason. I changed bedrooms in that house, and dreamt a lot that I was still in my old bedroom. What that tells me is that our past has a big contribution to our dreams.

As for what it represents, I’ve yet to figure that out, myself. I have heard that dreaming of something from your past represents what you were feeling at that time, but I’m not really sure.

I’ve always used the house i used to live in as a dreamsign. I’ve lived in four different houses in my life. i always get a real strange feeling when i dream of being in my old house.

I have had many dreams in houses that appeared to be old. And it is impossible for me to dream of a past resident because I have lived in the same house all my life. There are a few things I can still talk about though.

Almost everyone talks about experiencing distortions of some kind when it comes to old residence. Although I can’t speak for you about old homes, I do have experience with past work places. And I have noticed some things that are pretty interesting while doing this.

I used to work at a department store, in the sporting goods section. And that was really the only place I ever really went in the store. In my dreams, the sporting goods section was always flawless. Not really any distortion at all. But when I explored other areas of the store, they were very strange colored and things were placed in weird spots. And this lead me to my idea that since my brain was more familiar with the sporting goods section of the store, it was able to create a very good representation of it. But the areas I did not visit often, my brain must have had a hard time creating the image and some improvising must have taken place.

Hope you enjoy my little idea. Heh.