First , I would just like to say that this website is great so is it’s community :happy:
I’ve been keeping a dream journal for a while now and I can remember 2-4 dreams a night plus I’ve always had pretty good dream recall. I now what my dream signs are , my question is how do I learn to recognize them in my dreams?

Any tips or techniques are much appreciated :tongue:

Well, when I wake up, I take all of my dreamsigns or big hints that I’m dreaming and stick them into my brain. Say I saw fish flying in the sky, I say, “If there are fish in the sky, or anywhere besides the water, I’m dreaming”. I say that over and over until I get sick of it.
I prefer to do that rather than learn to do RCs regularly. Take last night, for example, I was shot in the leg (which I have to say hurt like crazy). I then limped away, but when I looked down, my leg was healed. I thought, omg! that doesn’t happen in real life! Then, without even doing a RC, I shot up into the air!
It all has to do with awareness and ingraining in your brain what is real and what is fake.

So as soon as I wake up from my dream, I should take the dream signs and put them into a mantra, then repeat the mantra till I feel it’s taken hold in my mind?

Well that’s what I’ve done lately, and without trying too hard, I’ve had great success! First, flying fish, and last night, getting shot. Like I said, it all has to do with awareness and being able to establish what is real and what is not at ALL times.