I am looking for a little advice on dreamsigns.

Is it best to focus on just one or two, and wait for them to turn up or is it possible to look out for several?

I am finding it next to impossible to remember to recognise dreamsigns when I am dreaming, but I am doing memory recall exercises to see if this will help. Sometimes I find that my dreamsign will turn up in dreams - but the significance is lost.
Recently, I was looking out for clocks which changed each time I look at them. I had one night where I looked at the time in three different dreams, but there was no trigger. :panic: Grrrr - frustrating.

Anyone got any advice?

I have an another method to trigger DILDs: Earlier in my dreams, I would see strange things (like pink elephants :wink: ), and think “What is it supposed to be?”. But then I would always accept those strange things. Now, after doing a lot of RCs in waking life, I’ve started to sometimes do RCs when I discover strange things in dreams, in stead of accepting them, as I would earlier. Then I will not have to look for dream signs, as they will come naturally to me. You see?

Dream signs are easy to remember for me. :smile: All you have to beable to do is remember a couple things in your dream right them down in you dj. THen o back to sleep you have your ideas for a dream then finish the fragments and itll come back to you when you think about the dream.
hope this helps you remember dream signs :gni: .

Thanks guys! :happy:

Sounds like I am in the state you used to be Lucidityx1000, my mind just seems to accept the most stupid things happening, or invents ‘excuses’ if I do start to question whats going on.
I will just have to keep up with those reality checks (I am currently doing some Steven Leberge exercises from one of his books which will hopefully help me to remember).

Thanks for your advice, too Rusher13. I never though to use the most recent dreamsigns and trying to fall back asleep with those, but have been working on longer term ones. One of the main problems with this is the fact that I loose consciousness so quickly when I do go back to sleep. Still, it’ll be worth a try :smile: