At least, i think it’s a reality check…

I work at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Since I’ve worked there, I’ve had a dream about the place every single night. I have pretty good natural recall I suppose, I remember at least one dream every night, and there has only been one time this summer that I don’t remember dreaming about a theme park.

So yesterday it hit me: fall asleep while telling myself “next time I’m in a theme park, I’m dreaming” ! I haven’t tried it yet, but I probably will tonight. I’ve never done any real work towards lucid dreaming (not yet at least), but I might start.

My only lucid dream ever was pretty boring. I realized I was dreaming for no apparent reason. I got excited, but I told myself to stay calm because I knew people tend to wake up. I think I looked at my hands, which helped for some reason (possibly only because I knew it was supposed to!) Then I found something to do. It was night, and I was outside. I crossed the street. Then I jumped very very high a few times - probably about 3 times. That’s all! There was one other dream that was very close. The situation was irrelevant: I simply exclaimed for no reason “HEY, I’M DREAMING!” Then a few seconds later I realized, “Oh, no I’m not. It’s a shame, I really was hoping to get lucid too.” I actually said all this aloud. So close! Oh well.

I don’t know why I threw that all together. It is my first real post here, though I’ve read the board on and off for a year now, so I guess it’s all just by way of introduction. Hopefully this theme park thing, which does seem to be a surefire plan, will help me have some more lucid dreams.


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What you use isn´t exactly a RC,it´s called a “dreamsign”.RC is something like this:
Make a check like reading something,look away,then read again.If the text changes,you are dreaming.
To combine it with dreamsigns you simply make a RC every time you are in a theme park.But since you don´t go to such parks so often it is probably better for you just to continue what you did.Forget about the RC and simply tell yourself that you are dreaming when you see a theme park.
I think you was lucid,but low-level,i think loosing lucidity is very common to anybody in here (except the people who hadn´t had their first one).
I´d advise to think of ONE thing that you want to do while awake that you want to do in your next lucid dream.I believe that when you have a task you are more likely to wake up but less likely to loose lucidity

rock on :wink:

Right, a dream sign. Like I believe I already mentioned, I’ve been around this page a lot, I just never posted anything here. I couldn’t think of the word, but reality check seemed close at the time (it was very late at night for me when I wrote that :slight_smile: ).

Also, like I said, I work at Six Flags, so I’m there constantly. Maybe I should try doing a reality check every single time I enter the park, that would probably work! At least, maybe.

By the way, thanks for the reply.

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