I have a problem working out my dreamsigns, is there a knack to it or am i just foolish :neutral:

Try to think about what you seem to dream of fairly frequently.

Most people have some reoccurring themes in their dreams. These may include a previous or current place of employment, a conversation with a particular real life person (perhaps one held with affection), or any number of other things. Personally, every other night I seem to dream about losing the keys to my new house. This is undoubtedly due to how much concern I have for doing so in real life. I also find myself at work a lot of the time, with perhaps significant changes to the office or people I work with.

I’m sure you have at least a few reoccurring symbols that you can use as dreamsigns. Do you record your dreams? If so, you can read over them to look for signs that may not be immediately obvious.

Good luck :smile: