Dreamspell helped me to get back my LDs! READ

I must mention here the connection I might have discovered between all of the Dreamspell and LD. Maybe I should have posted this in the “Dreamspell” forum but the Dreamspell might help you incubate LDs. Well… here we go.

I had a very large dry period of LDs because I quit writing DJ and also quit MILD and RC, trying to establish a WILD-only LD incubation. I miserably failed. (keep that in mind for later) One must know what technique is his own, and WILD (as a stand-alone tech) is definently NOT mine.

The last 2 days I passed a lot of time on the net since I have time with the summer break, and I made a large extended reasearch on Dreamspell. I knew a lot of stuff, but I visited -beleive- me every single site of it to be fully awaken with knowledge since I prepare for 2012 awakening -which I fully beleive in-


I decided that, for once, I would not use WILD nor MILD before sleep, but on the contrary I would concenctrate on my kin (White Spectral Wind) and try to visualise its signature as well as try to imagine me swimiing in it, or opening it as a box to see what’s in, etc…

* Alex drifts into sleep here

So, after a couple of Normal Dreams, here I am, into the beginning of a new dream, [color=blue]automatically lucid, just like the old times. I am into my bedroom, and for the first time, it is sunny outside, and NOT night. I could see this from the closed window blinds. Surprised by this fact, I quickly go and open the blinds. Pure, clean, and life-refreshing sun light FILLED the room, and for the first time I felt how sunlight “feels” in a Lucid Dream. Trust me, it is breathtaking!

I chose not to loose time, and to jump from the window (the window is just 1.5 meters up from the ground), however, a brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial catches me from my clothes and says:

brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial : “Don’t become lucid, Alex”
Alex C: “No, let me go”
brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial : “No, you mustn’t, trust me, leave this alone”

- in this part of the dialog I realise that she symbolises the unkown to me reasons that kept me out of LDing -

Alex C: “What do you represent?”
brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial : “Your misery. Cant help wraffing without that”
(wraffing? she talked english, but there isnt such word!!!)

Alex C: “You are so over.”

At this point, I hear a very deep and friendy female voice in my head, which said “Alex, look in your pocket”. I look in my left pocket, and there it was:
It was something like a pen. It was thick, and white. Its cap was golden, and onto its top, there was a golder ring, something like this:


Inside the ring, i could see the White Spectral Wind kin (my kin) which is easy to remember because it looks like a tounge smiley without eyes. Then, it came to my mind. I raised it, gave a nasty look to that brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial, and screamed:

Alex C: “Powers of the White Spectral Wind inside me, I awake you.”

Automatically, the kin sig inside the ring started flashing and millions impressions of its tiny image filled the room. Beams of light started filling my room, the lady bent down from fear, apparently, and white light circled me leaving a “bzzz” sound. Instantly, my appearance changed. My clothes were all like before, but of white colour. I couldnt see my self, but I had a flash-3rd perspective view, and I saw that my hair (even eyebrows) were white. My eyes were of a very light blue colour (they are normally green), and my skin was almost albino-like.

note: I noticed there was night outside the window now.

There were some seconds of pause because I was shocked and she was shocked. I was still holding this in my hand, and I knew this lady symbolised something that HAD to be gone. Instead of kicking her ass or ‘magically’ vanishing her, I did something which seems more wise to me:

brunette-mid40s-woman who wore black and was uncogenial : “You dont know what you are into. You need me.”
Alex C : “No. bad things are not needed in life. Kin of the White Spectral Wind, unleash your breath to this woman.” (how poetic :roll: )

The moment i said these lines, the pen leashed some strong wind waves (?). They had an aura effect. They passed through that lady, but nothing seemed to happen. But it did! When that finished, the lady proved now to be just an illusion.

After that, I was able to continue to my LD. I jumped out of the window, and I commanded sun to go up again. It worked. Then I remembered that I wanted to eat something.
I went to an ice-cream seller.

Ice cream guy: “Hello.”
Alex C: “Hi. I would like an ice cream!”
Ice cream guy: “Taste?”
Alex C: “Ummmm… Banana!”
Ice cream guy: “ew.” :eh: :roll:

He gave me the ice cream. It was ok, but nothing special. Just like RL.[/color] Then, I woke up :sad:

Nice experience, right?

Alex C

It was brilliant :smile: but the end was a bit of an anticlimax … buying banana icecream :tongue:

Interesting ^^.

Lol… Eww Banana icecream :tongue:

pick vanilla next time :content:. cool LD btw.

Nice Job there Alex! I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but White Spectral Wind is coming right up, July 24 (the day before the Day Out of Time!!!) Happy early galactic birthday!!! And, as always, good luck with your waking and dreaming life!

That dream there was kickass! And you really killed that absurd brunette, too. I hate DC-s who are like that. They always try to kill your lucidity for absolutely no reason. I’m so happy for you, both becoming lucid, maintaining it and not letting it get killed by some wicked DC. :smile:

Thanx guys. And indeed, on Sunday it will be my galactic brithday!!!

Funny… That’s when i’m holding the next RPG battle on MSN… :eh: