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dreamspellportal.net - your journey begins here!

i’ve created the site mainly as a learning tool. i have been learning the dreamspell and realised that not a lot of the sites out there are suitable for beginners to get a grasp on the basics and to start using the dreamspell in their day to day lives.

without too much confusion i hope i’ve laid the site out so it’s easy to browse. you can find your kin number, use the tools online to find your number with the click of a few buttons, download current moon desktop dreamspell and look up the meanings of some of the terms etc.

the ‘dreamspell’ section contains all the newest site stuff, including links, updates to tools, downloadable wallpaper (updated moonthly) and anything else i add to the site.

the ‘intro’ section has some of the basic dreamspell stuff including a glossary of common terms.

the ‘tools’ section is for decoding your own signatures. there are charts and tables to help you and simple examples for you to follow.

the ‘find kin’ section is just a simple quick tool to look up your signature and affirmation with the click of a few buttons.

the ‘links’ section is full of dreamspell related links and other interesting links that i frequently use.

for dreamspell related queries, please ask at the ‘dreamspell’ forum on sealife or here on ld4all. there are always people out there to answer your dreamspell related questions.


Wow great work fey! :thumbs:

I just checked this out - wow! Things look a little different than what I’m used to, but there is a lot of information on here! I love the work you’ve done with this! The style looks a lot better than my site imo :razz: I like your fonts and colors…

I’ll be adding a link to your site on mine fey :smile:


site has been up and running for almost a whole galactic spin!

if anyone needs a desktop dreamspell reference, i upload a new desktop wallpaper each moon. enjoy!