Dreamviews.com hacked - DV members, change your passwords

It got to my attention that DV got hacked. (not including the link here for security reasons).

If you are a member of both DV and LD4all I advise you strongly to immediately change your LD4all password if you use the same one for both forums.

more info here:
reddit.com/r/LucidDreaming/comments/q0ckn/ dreamviewscom_domain_hijacked/

(paste link in your browser if you can’t click it.)

Due to them being hacked they pretty much shut down the web site, and while this is still an amazing website, my favorite dream induction technique probably died with the site.

Remake them, then.
I will start to copy some techniques from DreamViews into this site.

I would like to point out that copying them without the consent of the authors for here wouldn’t be polite. :content:

Is there any chance of Dreamviews being repaired? My dream journal was on there, not to mention many interesting conversations in progress that never got resolved.

It feels like an act of terrorism.

Wouldn’t be polite, but legal if he will put the author’s name and contact and some information that this technique isn’t him and comes from X and X. :smile:

@Topic: luckily I don’t have any account there. The site probably wasn’t protected well enough. Hope that admin of ld4all cares about the site security :wink:

Yankes, Qu always makes sure that this site has a high security :wink:

You know that’s kind of ironic, considering some recent things that happened to me there made me want to learn how to hack into the site for a specific reason. Then someone goes and brings it down.

Weird -

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The site is available at dreamviews.org/