Drinking Water Before Bed

Recently I have discovered that if I drink some water before going to bed, I then wake up in the early hours of the morning needing to have a wee. I’ve realised that this is better than setting an alarm, because I will wake up more naturally and once I’m in REM sleep.

I have noticed that with this I almost always know that I was dreaming immediately prior to waking up. The only problem is, I’m either too tired to try WILD or my mind simply wonders and I forget.

This morning, After having gone to sleep at approximately midnight, I woke up at 6am, had a wee, and then went back to bed. I went to sleep and woke up again at nearly 9am, feeling like I’d had almost 3 hours of solid dreaming. Too bad it wasn’t lucid!

So I’m on the right track, in that I’ve found the best way to wake up in the night. I’m just having trouble with inducing the WILD. Can’t stay focussed on one image or thought for long enough.

Hey, I’ve just had an idea! Why don’t I practice saying in my head the name of whatever I’m trying to visualise! For example, if I wanted to focus on the image of a banana, I could simply keep repeating to myself, “Banana…banana…banana…” and kind of go into a trance, and just wait for the image to pop into my head.



You could even fall a sleep then and dream about bananas hehe.

Iam sure i would become luicd when i would meet you in my dreams…a gamma green face beats any wild or hypnosis of course!


Just don’t drink too much water…and you could have an accident :cry:

I would hate myself if I had an accident in my new bed. I just got a new queen sized bed…(great for Lucid dreaming) COMFY :grin: Well anyway I would cry if I had an accident…SO Ill just drink a lil water…

Whenever I drink too much water before bed I just wander around in my dream looking for toilets! I don’t wake up, I just keep searching for a clean toilet. :eek:

You’ve got it easy, Learjet, just do a RC every time you see a toilet. TILD - Toilet Induced LD. :wink:

Hehheh, but if I’m at that stage there’s no time for a LD. I need to wake up and be relieved!

The BIG problem I have with WILD is that one of two things occurs. Either I don’t do the WILD technique properly and just fall asleep or I do the technique but stay too awake for a dream or even hypnogogia :cry:

How many other people have this problem, and what did you do to solve it?

Oliver, that’s the exact same problem I have.

Are you doing it when you first go to sleep, or in the wee hours of the morning? It is difficult to WILD when first going to sleep. MILD is better at that time.

Is the best technique for the night to set your intention firmly and forget about hypnogogia and WILD? Does doing that make WILD easier in the early morning?

In my opinion, yes. But more advanced WILDers may speak differently to that. The most REM sleep comes after you’ve already slept 5-6 hrs, so you’re more likely to enter rem via WILD early in the morning.

A little off topic, but one quick question.

Has anyone tried drinking something BESIDES water before bed? Like sweet tea? I’d imagine coffee or tea would go through the body very quickly, and thus end up in the bladder and wake the body up faster than if someone drank water before bed.

I’m just wondering, because maybe I could time my REM periods with the amount of liquid I’m consuming before bed, and I could come up with a formula (e.g. (TotalTime) = (Time it takes for 1L of drink to end up in bladder) * (amount (in liters))). Man, that’s a lot of parenthesis! :wink:

Anyway, this might be a great experiment to try out.

Yeah, sounds like a good idea.

Keep us posted.



i always drink water before i go to sleep and also when i awake i drink it as well. Had some very close near accidents, theres a certain feeling you get when about to take a leak in your dream when you have to leak in RL as well, that feeling is quite disturbing and last time i got that feeling i realised i was dreaming and became lucid with no need to piss at all.