I very, very often dream that I am driving. While driving i find it very hard to keep my eyes open. They shut and I get very scared. I then struggle for a few minutes to open my eyes just enough to pull the car over and turn it off. Its the same thing every time. Different roads, different passengers (if there are any) but same idea. Sometimes I am sleepy just because, other times i am sleepy due to drugs or alchohol. It’s strange and its been going on for a few years.

What I am doing while driving and trying to open my eyes is wake up in reality. So when i finally FORCE my eyes open, i actually wake up. Ugg!

You’d think by now I’d train myself to know that I am dreaming and use this to go Lucid. I know I need to tell myself "sleepy while driving = check the clock’. I am almost never actually tired while driving in real life nor do i drive drunk/high.

Anyone have any ideas what this is all about? I’ve been meaning to post this on here forever.

I dunno man, I like driving dreams and never seem to have trouble, my last ld a couple nights ago I went into my back ally and there was a cobra mustang sitting there so I hopped in but it didint have any keys so I was upset at first but then I just tried turning the ignition with my hand and it started up, lemme tell you I was powershifting and bagging the shit out of that thing like I stole it, which I guess I did in the dream lol.

Well, if you’re looking for an interpertation of the symbols it might be that you don’t know where you’re going in life; you’re driving with your eyes closed.

Next time try maybe not forcing your eyes open (easier said then done) and seeing if you can drive by instinct in your dream. It would be an awsome dream signal though if you could manage to work it.

Maybe if you go more faster in your dream in car , maybe it just while wake up more because in real life when we go fast your less sleepy because its more fun and thats it keep you from closing the eyes because your frightened a little by the speed.

An automobile is a symbol of spiritual advancement. If you are going uphill, you need to really work on your progress. A breakdown means you have to reassess your beliefs and practices. To dream that your are drunk means you should guard against reckless spending.

I see cars a lot in my dreams too. I often have to drive and it makes me nervous and I panick because I don’t know how to drive(both in RL and dreams). :cool_laugh:
So I push the buttons and turn the wheel, I get the car going and actually manage to drive a short distance, but then I realise I have no idea how to stop the car. :shy:

Since childhood I’ve had dreams in which I’m either in a car that’s moving by itself or being driven ineptly, or driving a car myself with immense difficulty. I’ve always had a slight fear of driving and riding in a car, a fear that has negatively colored my dreams. It didn’t help when I got in a real car accident with my mom a few years back. Fortunately the frequency of these dreams has declined in recent years.

Mystik1, you can train yourself to recognize your sleepy-drive dreams. Have you ever explicitly set an intention to do a reality check when you become sleepy while driving? Even if it has never really happened, you can learn to notice it in your dreams; you don’t need to do reality checks on real-life occasions of falling asleep while driving, which may well never happen.

With enough conditioning, you can remember to do a reality check when something out of the ordinary happens, without practicing for it in real life. Just keep reminding yourself.

No you really have to pratice it in real life too.

I’m not sure if you’re serious, but you definitely don’t need to practice in real life. Heck, most of my lucid dreams begin when I do reality checks in response to extremely bizarre things that could never, ever occur in real life. In EWLD, even Stephen LaBerge cited a time that he had a dream in which his contacts multiplied, and he successfully recognized this as a dreamsign in a subsequent dream.