Drugs in dreams

What’s the deal with drugs in dreams. I smoke weed IRL, so I recall many dreams in which I have weed, buy weed but never smoke weed. I think this is odd. But in most non lucid dreams I’m usually pretty busy getting somewhere or getting something done though that something is usually rather vague.
Also I recall a great many dreams in which I feel more drugged than I’ve ever been IRL, without taking drugs before in the dream (or remembering that part I guess), but these dreams could be somehow old hag dreams. Cause I’m having trouble moving and it’s dark and I’m usually laying on a bed somewhere. But coupled to that is this intense drugged feeling.
How do drugs work in LDs is the effect similair or stronger or not there at all? I recon you couldn’t take drugs if you never have before cause you would have no memory of the feeling… But I’m not sure it works that way, since the drugged feeling I’ve had in my dreams is way stronger than my RL drugs experience.

[Drugs in dreams)

Thanks ilana. Theres a lot of topics about this already, so this one is locked (no offense :razz:).