Drugs influencing your ability to have a lucid dream?

I’m just wondering if, well not if, but how many of you have used drugs. I don’t mean specifically for the induction of lucid dreams, but just in general. Perhaps people who have experienced different worlds in waking life (such as those induced by psychadellics) have more experience in dealing with them in their dreaming state. Personally, the only drugs i have ever used are alcohol, caffeine, and delta-9 tetrahydracannabinoids, though that was only once and didn’t have any real effect on me.

In summary, who’s tried drugs?

Oh! Oh! I’ve tried drugs, though not much more than yourself. My list is limited to Alchohol, Nicotine, Cannabis Sativa, Hashish, and Psylocibin Cubensis or Mexicana (Not entirely sure which one it was, probably cubensis).
Alchohol is probably my most used though least favourite, mostly due to the hangover effects and the fact that the feeling you get from it isn’t all that wonderful.
Marijuana I don’t use much anymore because I’ve never really gotten anything out of it, any highs have been extremely mild except in a few rare circumstances.
Hashish is a lot of fun when your doing it by yourself or with no more than a few other people. The high from Hashish is, I find at least, very introspective, slightly sickening, and really cool for minds eye visuals. I really want to try using Hashish for Lucid Dreaming, I believe it may help greatly in entering the Lucid Dream mind set. If anyone has any exerience with this, please tell :confused: .
Shrooms (Psylocibin Cubensis and Mexicana) are a lot of fun. Incredible visuals in both regualr vision and in the minds eye, as well as extreme euphoria, or paranoia, depending on how comfortable you are in your surroundings and your current depressed status (Keep in mind with all drugs people, Set and Setting). If you take enough at one time you can close your eyes and enter a whole new world. Shrooms also help with dreaming, greatly. When sleeping under the effects of even a smaller dose of Magic Mushrooms, Dreams are incredibly vivid and unusual, and, I believe, with a greater awareness, such as understanding and trying to achieve Lucid Dreams, Shrooms and sleep would make for a much more intense, interesting, and magical Lucid Dream, and, if not that, would at least be a novel experience with its own twists and turns.

Well, after getting all that out, lets hear from other people. I’m curious as to the effects of salvia divinorum and D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 25.

I have tried E’s and hash. E’s normally kept me up all night and so the next night unless I had work I would have about 14 hours sleep but most of the sleep would be very deep, the same with hash I woke up knowing that I must likely had the best dream but would not be able to remember it. Alchohol I have crazy dreams but can’t write it down so my view is that drugs don’t work for lucid dreams

I have tried alot of different drugs, I don’t want to name them all because it just wouldn’t sound good. The ONLY drug I did that completly blew me away in the ability of it to make me feel as if I was something else was DXM. Its legal actually, its the main ingredient in robotussin cough syrup. I actually posted here when I did it for the first time, Haven’t done it again since, but I will soon. The best description I have yet to here is a quote from an erowid.org trip report that says “I was a flower swaying in the wind”. If you close your eyes and lay in your bed with some music playing you will completly loose you body and will become anything. Your brain looses its connection to the body, while allowing external input at the same time. So when your having a ceiling fan blowing on your, your eyes are closed, that breeze will go along with whatever hallucination your having.

Feel like i need to tell people that DXM is not something you should do, it can be a really hard - and deaths has also come from this drug. Just a notice! … I’ve done drugs too, 5-MeO-DMT is the most powerfull drug i’ve tried - COMPLETLY blows you away with only about 4mg! Again, not something you should try unless you know completly what you do.

If you feel the need to tell people not to do DXM you should mention you should only avoid getting the kicks from it through cough medicine and such things with other active ingedients. Pure DXM can be safe and fun! If interested, study up before you try, thats the best way. www.erowid.org is a really good site for drug info.

Yes, I should have added those facts in. You need to know how to use DXM before you do it, there are alot of details and one mistake could kill you. The main thing is the active ingredients in the cough syrup…if there is ANYTHING besides Dextromorphan in it it could be deadly, if your going to do it through cough syrup you have to get Robotussin Maximum Strength Cough, Coricidin contains an active ingredient that is deadly at recreational levels of DXM, DXM itself can be deadly too, so know your stuff.

Ah that was what i ment :wink: I ment just to be really carefull

i’ve been really interested in the chemical and biological effects of psychadellics and other stimulants for some time now. i’ve done a lot of research on the subject, as well as reading trip reports on various websites, including of course, Erowid. Another great resource mainly for DXM is the dextroverse.

dextromethorphan is found as the active ingredient in some cough syrups as was mentioned, and i’ve found one supplier in the UK (namely, boots) which stocks cough syrup that is 100% DXM. If anybody is considering doing DXM, then i’d recommend they read the DXM FAQ. It’s VERY informative.

I used drugs a lot… but I cant remember if that infected my dreams.

I didn’t use much hallucinating drugs though…

DXM is the perfect drug for lucid dreams and especially OBES. Ive had a really intense OBE from DXM, it got so intense I stopped because I didnt know if I would come back or not, hahah, that was my first time. After that they werent as scary. Its very easy to fall asleep on DXM and have your mind stay awake. And also I reccomend meditating while on it, its really amazing.

How much did you take? The most I have taken was 720 mg ( 8 OZ BOTTLE) But I was going to try 2 8 oz bottles next time to take it to the next level, but I know it doesnt take to much more than that to get dangerous.

www.dextroverse.org is your bible for those taking or considering taking DXM. I’d really recommend reading the FAQ too.

Great site, but keep in mind most of the people on that forum use DXM ALOT, way to much in my opinion, so use your best judgement

Yesterday, I took 2 Robitussin Cough gelcaps at around 6:30 PM. Then at 12:30 AM, I took 2 more before going to bed. This was 60 mg of DXM altogether. I concentrated on trying to get an OBE, but I could only get a slight sense that I was leaving my body. I have no plans of getting high off DXM, but only using it for OBE purposes, so I won’t take more than the recommended dosage. This morning I woke up with a huge headache. I fear it may be from the DXM effects, combined with the fact I really didn’t have any bad cough to cure. Or it could have been the way I slept…but anyway, yeah that’s my experience. Any advice for me? Do I take more today or give it a rest? Thanks for reading. :smile:

NOOOOOOOO!!! thats too much dxm!

you shouldent exceed 1200mg or it starts getting dangerous

1400mg is not deadly, read erowid.org
60 mg is not NEAR enough to get ab OBE like effect of DXM, in fact, even when I took 720 mg I did not reach that level, I am guessing you need at least 900 mg depending on the person. But make sure you are safe about everything, and if it gives you headaches then dont do it, but it probably did that because you took it in a small dose, DXM acts very differently with different dosages

about effecting drugs on your LDs, i think it is , specialy when you use drugs that give you hulicunation.it is like you try to look the life , like a dream everybody knows that it work and help you to build the new perception of life, drugs do it in the stronger and sometimes in not wanted ways. this new way of looking gives you more power for LDs.
i dont use to many drugs but i use a kind of very strong hash from afghanestan that is too rare. i saw the starst and glaxies ( just i can say this ) but also got a huge bad sensentions for one of my friend that makes us worried.

i think if you wana get the power of drugs just live like a dream , see like a dream … it is more stable and much more with out unwanted sircumstances.

i’m seriously considering trying mushrooms, or preferably salvia. can anybody give me any tips?

what for all drugs go… first try a little and then expand.

I don’t know what the kind is you can get… but although you can eat them, most people think it’s grose, so just make thee from them. Although eating is better because then you can get more.

Wait about an hour (but try not to wait to much during that time) then you should feel it. If not… then you can take some more with it. only a little… because don’t forget you already took some.

If that didn’t do it either then double the portion.